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In a narrow perspective, Tax Assurance could be viewed as Assurance on the tax position in the commercial accounts, so that users of those accounts have more confidence in the correctness of it. We view Tax Assurance in a wider context: in our view, everything concerning the process of all taxes (direct and indirect) in a company belongs to the field of Tax Assurance.

Not just how taxes end up in the commercial accounts (tax accounting), but also (tax) risk management, internal control, management control, corporate governance, tax policy, relations with media, relations with tax authorities, ethical sides of taxation and audit are relevant for Tax Assurance in a broader sense.

The different aspects of Tax Assurance as mentioned above can be found in the various teaching programs we offer as well as in the research we perform. We offer courses to students of tax law and tax economics in the regular curriculum, but we also have post-doctoral courses for those who already work in the field. Our research output can be found under ‘publications’ and is obviously an ongoing project. Currently we have three PhD students.

Teachers and researchers

The Tax Assurance group consists of teachers and researchers of the Fiscal Institute TiIburg (FIT) of Tilburg University with special interest in (elements of) Tax Assurance. For courses as well as research (which are always closely connected anyway), guest lecturers or researchers from our faculty join the group. The faculty consists of professionals and scientists with specific know how and/or practical experience and work as external advisors, in company professionals or as a member of the tax administration. They provide different perspectives on the various subjects.

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Regular Curriculum

For the regular curriculum we refer to

Post doctoral

The first post-doctoral courses started in February 2016. At this moment, there are two courses: the general Tax Assurance course (focusing more on direct taxes) and a specific course for indirect taxes.


We refer to Pure for the published research of