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Postgraduate programs of Professional Learning

Welcome at Tilburg University Professional Learning. We believe in lifelong learning. If you continue working on your knowledge and skills, you will obtain a strong position within the dynamic job market and reach your full potential. We are here to help you realize this. Therefore, keep developing yourself by following the postgraduate programs of Professional Learning.

Lifelong learning

Knowledge and skills are the primary assets of our students and alumni but in an ever changing world these are eroding over time, standing still is no longer an option. Lifelong learning is not a choice anymore, it is a necessity. Tilburg University recognizes this and through Professional Learning we aim to educate professionals to stay relevant in the jobmarket . This is just one of the ways we are contributing to society.

Wide range of specialist programs

Professional Learning programs give you the opportunity to both broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills. Whether you are a young professional, senior professional, or somewhere in between these two. Our postgraduate programs comprise specialist programs for all kinds of target audiences. In this way our programs challenge a broad target group to strengthen their knowledge and skills set. Or are you perhaps looking for a custom in-company program?

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