Students Tilburg University

Doctorate Board

The Doctorate Board is, among other things, responsible for the awarding of doctorates and the doctorate honoris causa, and for the general policies regarding PhD programs and the PhD regulations.

From each school the dean has a position in the Doctorate Board of Tilburg University, chaired by the Rector Magnificus.


Prof. dr. K. Sijtsma Rector Magnificus (chair)
Prof. dr. G.M. Duijsters Dean TiSEM
Prof. dr. G.A.C. Vervaeke Dean TLS
Prof. dr. A.J. Schuit Dean TSB
Prof. dr. B.R.H.M. Haverkort Dean TSHD
Prof. dr. M. Sarot Dean TST
Mw. J.J.T. Peeters, MSc Secretary

The Doctorate Board has conferred upon the Rector Magnificus the mandate to approve PhD applications.