Research Masters and PhD programs

At the Tilburg University Graduate Schools, the combination of education and research creates a perfect learning and working environment for ambitious students.

Tilburg PhD Platform (TiPP)

Tilburg PhD Platform (TiPP) is the communication channel for PhDs of five Schools at Tilburg University. TiPP's members are PhDs representiing each School’s PhD council/platform/. The current members are:

TiPP is also concerned with the national representation of Tilburg University PhDs through Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN; Dutch PhD Network).

Activities of TiPP include, among other things:

  • Supporting, setting up, and maintaining organized Graduate Schools
  • Supporting and maintaining organized PhD councils or platforms at the Schools
  • Promoting contact between PhDs of the different Schools
  • Advising parties in the University Council on PhD matters
  • Representing PhDs from Tilburg University in the PNN
  • Discussing potential problems for PhDs in the Schools and exchanging experiences and best practices
  • Discussing (organizational) matters at Tilburg University that concern PhDs with the University Council.

You can contact TiPP by sending an e-mail to or its individual members (see above). Note: For questions regarding admission procedures and requirements please contact the respective graduate schools.