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Academic courses Tilburg University Summer School

Gain academic advantage by following high quality academic summer courses providing official credits (up to 6 ECTS). If you want to deepen your knowledge in a particular domain, or get to know an academic discipline that is different from your own, you can follow a thematic course in the field of Economics, Law, Data Management, Theology and Psychology.

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Academic courses Summer School 2020

Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Global Business: making an impact (2 ECTS)
Cultural Diversity: theory and practice (6 ECTS)
Understanding Data with R: a hands-on workshop towards becoming a data-analyst (3 ECTS)
Building World’s Most Trusted Robot
Justice for Victims of Conflict-related Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking? (6 ECTS)
Europe’s Unity in Value Diversity (2 ECTS)
Bible and Video Games (1 ECTS)
Religion, Peace & Non-Violence: Catholicism as a case (2 ECTS)

If you have questions concerning the content of a certain course, please e-mail the teacher of the course in question. You can find their contact details in the course descriptions.

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