Building World’s Most Trusted Robot

New technologies can be either blessings or devils in device. In the traditional view on the social sciences and humanities in relation to technology, these disciplines are believed to have a limited, secondary role with a large emphasis on issues like facilitating the acceptance and user-friendliness of technology or merely legal issues like privacy protection.

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Seen from a more contemporary viewpoint, the social sciences and humanities take a more fundamental and primary position, seeing technology development as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself. The key issue is about values: how can we align autonomous and self-learning technology with values, our human values. We explore the key steps and requirements to build trusted and trustworthy applications of autonomous and intelligent technology that align with human values. 

For the first time in human history we will live and work together with 'artifacts' - robots, artificial intelligence in many forms, such as (chat) bots and drones - that are not human or animal, but increasingly autonomous, intelligent and self-learning. 
This development raises fundamental questions: how do we ensure that we align this technology with human values as well as possible? Are we, as humanity, actually aware of what we think is important - and do we agree? How do we ensure that the digital world becomes even better than the analog world: for the individual, society and our planet? Or will this technology prove to be a "devil in device"?

During this week course you will get:

  • An intensive one week program of interdisciplinary and interactive lectures;
  • Interdisciplinary lecturers who teach from both an academic and practical perspective (e.g. research and field expertise);
  • Joint watching and discussing of relevant documentaries/movies;
  • Company and/or Robot lab visit;
  • Design thinking sessions to develop building blocks for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.
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