Tilburg University Summer School

We offer you intensive academic summer courses (ECTS Accredited) combined with cultural and social activities.

Accommodation during the Summer School

You can arrange your accommodation with a recommended housing company in Tilburg. This will entail accommodation for your stay during the summer school period.

The size of the rooms is 12 square meters and the room will be fully furnished.

Your room is your private area where you can study and sleep. You will share the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with your roommates. Free Wi-Fi will be available. There is a common laundry with washing machines and dryers (against payment).


Renting a room is only possible for the entire duration of the summer school. The rates for 2017 are posted below. For 2018, these rates are subject to change.

  • Period: 13 July - 11 August 2017: € 460

Utilities (electricity, water, gas, internet access) and bed linen are included in this price.


The rooms are situated either nearby Tilburg University. Our campus, the train station ('Tilburg University') and the bus stop are within walking distance. We recommend you rent a bike during the summer school period. This is the best way to reach the city center of Tilburg and is necessary when you participate in our social program.

Registration process

Firstly, you have to register for a Tilburg University Summer School course. Registration will open in the beginning of 2018. During your registration, make sure to select the box saying that you are interested in accommodation via a housing company.

You will receive an invitation to arrange your accommodation via yourroomintilburg.com once it is clear the course you subscribed for will take place with certainty. Once you’ve received an e-mail, you’re ready to arrange you accommodation via this website.

Accommodation after Tilburg University Summer School

If are starting your studies at Tilburg University in the fall semester of 2017, and in that case only, you can email us at summerschool@tilburguniversity.edu in order to check the options to remain in your room between the end of the summer course and the start of your regular studies at Tilburg University.

More information

For more information, please send an e-mail to Tilburg University Summer School.