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Bible and Video Games (ONLINE COURSE)

The video game industry is big business. It seems to be focused on economy only. In fact, however, modern-day video games contain many religious elements. Developers use large quantities of elements from Christian traditions for the building of their game world and lore (the Darksiders trilogy would be a very good example). The way in which games utilize elements from religions from outside the game and/or the creation of purely fictional religions (Dishonored series) and sects, can vary from material and referential (Assassin’s Creed series) to reflexive (The Talos Principle) and ritual uses (Bioshock Infinite). Other games implicitly or explicitly criticize institutionalized religion (Far Cry 5). Using religious elements, they try convey a world view in which humans are more than just consumers, but have to take their responsibility for e.g. creation (Talos Principle).

Learn about the hidden world of religion in video games.


  • After completing the course, the student will have a better understanding of how religion functions within video game;
  • and as such a broader understanding of how religious traditions are influencing the societal and cultural domain of our time.
  • Students will have multiple hermeneutical instruments with which they can academically study both religion and video games.
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