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Spanish Intermediate Summer Course

TUSS - Intro 2

Do you plan to study, do an exchange program, or work in a Spanish-speaking country? Do you have your A2 Level certification in Spanish? Lift your Spanish skills to B1 Level in two short weeks in this small-scale Spanish intensive!

Course information

This course in short

  • Content:
    Follow-up of the Spanish For Beginners Course and as such is a continuation of instruction in listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing, within a cultural context.
  • Level after finishing the course:
    B1 of the Common European Framework
  • Entry requirements:
    A2 Level certification (Common European Framework). Particularly useful for students who plan an exchange in Spain or Latin America.
  • Taught by:
    Drs. C. (Cristina) Irún Chavarría
  • Course period:
    30 July- 10 August 2018. 40 hours over the course of two weeks: One 2-hour class each morning and one 2-hour class each afternoon.
  • ECTS:
    4 ECTS
  • Maximum number of participants:
  • Course fee:
    • Tilburg University students: €408 or 6 Language Vouchers; each voucher is worth €68. If you have fewer than 6 vouchers you can purchase the remaining vouchers.
    • Tilburg University alumni & employees: €420
    • External students: €480 (no scholarships are available)

Course aims

Upon successful completion of the course you are assumed (at level B1 of the Common European Framework) to be able to:

  • Write a simple text or personal letter in which spelling, accents, and punctuation are used properly, and in which grammar and vocabulary are used appropriately.
  • Comprehend descriptive, functional texts and informative practical texts of a more detailed nature, be able to grasp the intentions of the writer and identify the nuances of the language.
  • Be able to understand a native speaker of Spanish in conversation, even if the topic is outside your direct realm of experience.
  • Conduct longer and more complex discussions in Spanish in which you are able to clearly express and defend your opinions. Pronunciation is at a level where it is possible for a Native Spanish speaker to understand what is being said without effort.

Course information

This course is a follow-up of Spanish For Beginners Course and as such is a continuation of instruction in listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing, within a cultural context. You will practice conducting longer, more complex conversations and discussions in Spanish. Written language use is given greater emphasis in this course, and you learn to read and write more formalized texts.

Course materials and specifics

Course materials

  1. Aula 3, libro del alumno, Difusión, ISBN 9788484432562.
  2. Aula 4, libro del alumno, Difusión, ISBN 9788484432579.

    Please bring the materials with you to the first class.

    Course specifics

    • The language of instruction is Spanish.
    • The target level of proficiency is B1 according to the Common European Framework.
    • Upon completion of this course you can move on to Spanish:  Improving Fluency.
    • After this course you will be able to take the DELE B1 exam of the Instituto Cervantes (an internationally-recognized certificate).  This exam will take place in November 2018 at either Tilburg University or Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht.
    • This course has an 80% attendance requirement.
    • This course is for students who have followed Tilburg University's Spanish For Beginners or Spanish For Beginners Summer Course, or who have an A2 level of Spanish.
    • If you have any prior Spanish language experience, please contact the teacher to see if this course suits your level:


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