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Social program Tilburg University Summer School

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Besides interesting academic courses, Tilburg University Summer School also organizes a social program for its participants. Make the most of your summer and combine your summer course with a unique social and cultural experience!

Some activities of the social program 2017

Right now we are working hard to organize a lot of fun and educational activities for the summer of 2018. To give you an impression on what you can expect, you can find a description of some of the activities of the social program 2017 below.

The Ultimate Dutch Experience

When people think about the Netherlands, the first things that comes in mind are windmills, canal houses, wooden shoes and tulips. During this trip to the Zaanse Schans and Volendam you can see all these Dutch traditions and more at its finest. Walk along the windmills, visit a wooden shoe shop and try on traditional Dutch clothing. Lunch is not included.

Workshop First Impression!

First Impression! It is something we rarely talk about, but it is an important aspect of your personality; the first impression you make. During an interactive workshop by an entrepreneur and communication professional Jerre Maas, you will be confronted with several aspects of your first impression.

Trip to Amsterdam

No trip to The Netherlands is complete without a visit to the capital city Amsterdam! Our mentors will take you to see some of the famous sights including a tour through the canals. But there's more! Just let yourself be surprised and join the ride. A warm lunch will be included in this trip.

Breda Floating Festival: "Breda Drijft"

During this day the canals of the city of Breda will be filled with hundreds of rubber boats and inflatable beds. You can float around in the sun together with thousands of students and enjoy the sun, music and some cold drinks.

Politics and peace trip The Hague

Is it Hogwarts? No, it is our famous and beautiful “Binnenhof”, the policital heart of the Netherlands and the office of our minister-president Mark Rutte. You will be guided on a tour and learn more about our political system. Up next we will walk across town to visit the International Court Of Justice seated in the Peace Palace. This court is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. We will end our day at the beach to play a 'crazy 88' game and enjoy the sun.

End of summer BBQ

The temperature is rising, summer is getting hot. Good friends, food and brew will hit the spot! Join this activity for some grillin' ‘N chillin' at the city beach in Tilburg. After the BBQ we unfortunately have to say goodbye to some of the participants of the summer school, so let's make the ending count!

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Some activities are included in included in the basic social fee, which means summer school participants are free to visit them! Other activities are optional and require an extra fee.


Tilburg University Summer School also strongly recommends you rent a bike for the time you spend in Tilburg. It is the easiest and quickest way to travel to the city center and the university. On the welcome day, the company Save a Bike will offer you to rent a bike for 2-4 weeks.

Sports Center

During your stay in Tilburg you are able to visit the sports center, connected to the Tilburg University. It is located at walking distance from the campus, and gives you the opportunity to practice different sports, such as tennis, swimming and fitness.

For approximately 30 Euros, you can buy a sports membership for the entire summer. Or you can buy a daily pass for 7 Euros. The daily pass is valid on the date of purchase.

Note: prices for 2018 are subject to change and it is not possible to go swimming with a daily pass.

Important to note

Please note that Tilburg University Summer School remains the right to cancel or change its social activities at any time, in case of insufficient applications or other reasons. In case this concerns an activity of the additional program, your fee will of course be refunded.

Interested in this course?

At the moment, it is not possible to register for the Tilburg University Summer School 2018.

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