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Understanding Data with R: a hands-on workshop towards becoming a data-analyst (ONLINE COURSE)

Which companies are committing fraud? Which scientific hypothesis is correct? Do movie critics differ from regular consumers in their ratings? Whether it’s a fun or serious question, each of these questions require data to answer them. In this course, you will learn the two vital skills for using data to answer questions of interest: 1) data manipulation; 2) data analysis.

In this interactive two-week course, you will learn through interactive workshop-sessions how to manipulate datasets so that you can produce informative analyses and insightful data visualizations. Importantly, you will not only learn data analysis techniques, but also how to use these techniques to answer questions.

We will use the popular programming language called R to manipulate data, run statistical tests, and produce data visualizations. No prior programming knowledge is required, although some knowledge of statistics is preferred.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Acquire an understanding of the role of data in answering research questions, both in academics and in industry;
  • Gain a basic understanding of the statistical programming language R, using RStudio;
  • Learn how to manipulate data (e.g., renaming variables, removing cases, combining datasets);
  • Learn how to create beautiful and insightful data visualizations that are relevant for answering the research question;
  • Learn how to conduct statistical analyses (e.g., descriptives, correlations, regression);
  • Learn how to write a report that answers a research question using the data.
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  • Celia Banzet

    Celia Banzet

    Course participant

    “This summer school was a rich experience of discovery. It allowed me to learn both personally and academically. The courses taught are of high quality. In addition, the cultural program was great, and I met some very nice people in Tilburg. It was a great experience that I absolutely recommend and will never forget!”