Dutch Rental Law

Legal advice

On this webpage you will find useful information regarding Dutch rental law and links to organizations that can answer your questions and help you in legal disputes.

Huurteam Tilburg

Huurteam Tilburg provides FREE services to tenants, including all (international) students, of the Municipality of Tilburg.

You can contact Huurteam Tilburg for the following questions and much more. Huurteam Tilburg supports you for FREE and gives you professional advice and answers to your questions. Do you want to know more? Check out www.huurteamtilburg.nl or fill out the contact form so that they can get in touch with you quickly.

Contract control
Rental price
Service charge
Harassment and discrimination

Rechtswinkel Tilburg

a non-profit organization helping “the little man” in legal disputes. If you wish to contact them, take a look at their website and fill out the contact form: www.rechtswinkeltilburg.nl


The following information is a general overview of the Dutch rental law. This is merely to give you an indication and answer basic questions.

Housing Allowance
Damage and other Issues