Private market

Private Market

Our reserved accommodation is unable to accommodate all incoming international students. For this reason, we recommend that you read this page where you can find lots of information, useful links, safety instructions and tips that could help you during your search for accommodation.

If you require some assistance in your search for accommodation, you can contact the Housing Office via e-mail or phone.

List of agencies and websites

Start your search in the private market with the list of agencies and websites. This document gives you an overview of the different type of platforms, agencies and Facebook groups you can use during your search for accommodation.

But before you read all the available information you should register on KlikvoorKamers (registration is free), as this is a waiting time based platform of the social housing cooperation in Tilburg and Breda.
Expect long waiting times, as a room may have a response list of approximately 300 to 600 students.

Check the list of agencies and websites

Hospi Housing

Staying with a host or guest family will provide you with a soft landing in town and is the perfect way to get in touch with the Dutch culture and language. You’ll have your own private room and shared facilities like a kitchen and bathroom. Hospi Housing has a big network of verified hosts and guest families. You can apply and use their platform for free at:


It is very important to be safe when searching for accommodation, especially when using platforms and social media. Unfortunately, we sometimes get notified of scams. It is important that you look for the warning signs when you are booking a room. Therefore, we have set out some safety tips for you.

11 safety tips to avoid a rental scam
  1. Never transfer money to a landlord who claims to be abroad and will therefore post you the keys. This is the most common way of scamming.
  2. Be careful when a landlord wants you to transfer money to a non Dutch banking account.
  3. Always check if the address of the accommodation you would like to use exists. 
  4. Compare the pictures of the accommodation with Google Maps streetview. Are there any features mentioned that don't match the location? 
  5. Verify the person who are you are (sub) letting a room from. Check their credentials and be sure that they are actually the landlord or owner of the accommodation.
  6. Get a receipt for the deposit you pay.
  7. Make sure you understand the implications of your tenancy agreement. If you have questions or doubts Huurteam Tilburg can check the agreement for you. Send your contract here and the consultants advise you free of charge. 
  8. Do not visit a property alone, make sure someone goes with you or at least knows where you are going, at what time.
  9. Arrange a viewing in person or via video chat. When a landlord cannot show you the room for some reason, this can be a warning sign. 
  10. If you want a second opinion, or if you feel something is not right, contact
  11. Make sure to read the article on what to check before signing the contract from Student in Tilburg. 
  12. More advice from Huurteam Tilburg is provided here.

Other tips that might come in handy

Type of accommodation

You can choose between rooms, studios and apartments in all different price ranges. Note that the levels of difficulty are set for students who start their search in time. The closer you get to your arrival date, the more difficult it will be to find a place.

What can you expect?

  • Dutch student houses are fairly unique. It is not uncommon to live in a big house with a lot of housemates! You might have to share the facilities with more people then you are used to. However, it is a great way to make new friends. Housemates often eat together, study together and spend their free time together. Living in a student house is therefore a great way to really emerge in the Tilburg student life. 
  • Of course you could also opt for living in a studio or apartment by yourself. It really depends on your preference! However, it is easier to find a room than to find something just for you as you will often need registration time to reserve such accommodation. Additionally it is more expensive than a regular room in a shared house/flat. It is uncommon in the Netherlands to share a room with a number of people. 


Getting a room is the easiest option for finding accommodation in Tilburg. Generally rooms range between 300 and 500 euros a month. The price is dependent on the amount of housemates, the size of the room, the location of the house and other factors such as having a general living room or garden. Renting a room in a student house is the most common way for a student to live in the Netherlands. It is therefore a great way to dive into the student life and instantly make friends. Please be aware that only a limited number of furnished rooms are available in Tilburg. Do not limit your options and also look for unfurnished rooms.

  • Prices: on average 300 - 500 euro per month 
  • Level of difficulty: difficult


If you prefer more privacy, you can take a look at renting a studio. A studio means that you have one general living space, which combines your kitchen, living room and bedroom, and a bathroom which is connected to it. To be eligible for a studio, especially in one of the bigger complexes such as TalentSquare and Professor de Moorplein, you will often need registration time. In order to be able to rent one you will need to register 6 months in advance so your best option is to register on one of the websites when you know that you will be coming to Tilburg. Prices of a studio range between 500 and 900 euro a month including everything. Sometimes you have the possibility of getting housing allowance.

For more information about that, check the page Dutch Rental Law.

  • Prices: 500 – 900 euro per month
  • Level of difficulty: more difficult


Some of you might prefer to have an entire apartment to themselves. This is also an option, however, is it probably the most difficult one. Often you will have to visit the apartment before you can book it and many companies require a motivation of why you would like to live there. Besides that, apartments are scarcer and tend to be far more expensive. Therefore, we recommend that if you are looking for an apartment it is best to rent something temporary before you come to Tilburg – so that you can search in situ. Renting an apartment with 2 or more students is very difficult and therefore not recommended.

Generally, the price of an apartment (without utilities, WiFi, service costs) is between 700 and 1200. Sometimes apartments are also eligible for housing allowance. For more information, check the page Dutch Rental Law

  • Prices: 700 – 1200 euro basic rent per month
  • Level of difficulty: most difficult
Where to live in Tilburg

Having a bike is essential when living in Tilburg. The areas Oud Noord, Oud Zuid, West, Centrum and Oost are all within cycling distance of the University. It is therefore no problem to live in these areas! There are safe bicycle paths leading from every part to the city to the University! 

By using Google map you can learn more about the city areas and decide what would be the best suit you when looking for a location.

Online payment

We advise you to not make any insecure payments. Please know that housing platform Kamernet offers a secured payment service. Your money is kept safe on an escrow server (third party bank account) and will only be transferred to the landlord after you’ve received the key to your new home. Didn’t receive a key? Then you’ll get your money back. 

Even if you didn’t find a room through Kamernet, you can make use of the secured payment service. Both you and the landlord can create an account on Kamernet for free. The landlord can then reply to your profile, send you a rent request and you are able to safely and easily transfer the money.


When a room becomes available in a student house, the residents often organize a viewing evening (which is not always in the evening). The residents invite a number of people to come and get acquainted on such an evening. Usually you get to see the house and you are asked questions. At the end of this evening, the residents then choose a new housemate. So it's up to you to present yourself as best as possible. Get numerous tips here!

Get invited to the viewing evening by writing the perfect message

Make sure to read the advertisement completely. Often they ask certain questions in the advertisement. It is important that you answer those questions in the message that you are going to send them. It will show that you took the time to read the advertisement and made a personalized message for them.

  1. Try to be original. You can do this by putting a fun fact or a joke in your message. You can also put something in your message to make the residents curious about you or the ending of a story of yours.
  2. Come across as true to yourself as possible. Already let them get to know you a little bit other than the basics of what you study and your age et cetera.
  3. Have an accurate profile picture. Often the residents will take a look at your profile to get a first impression of you, so put a nice picture up there!  
  4. Send the message yourself. This is a very important one. Don’t let one of your parents send the message, especially not through their profile. It is an immediate no for the residents.

Rock the viewing evening and get chosen

  1. Be yourself. During a viewing evening you try to show the best version of yourself. It is therefore certainly not forbidden to occasionally give a socially desirable answer, but do not do this too often. In the end, you want to live in a house where you feel comfortable, so don't pretend to be completely different than you are.
  2. Be prepared. You can already think about questions that they might ask you on the viewing evening and prepare these. Some basic questions they might ask you: ‘What are your hobbies?’ ‘What would you add to this house?’ ‘What do you find most important regarding a house or housemates?’.
  3. Be on time. It is a bad first impression if you are late. Often, they have a tight schedule for the viewing evening so it is very inconvenient for the residents if you are late. In case you are late for whatever reason: let them know!
  4. Be positive. Don’t talk negatively about your life, your struggles, finding accommodation or anything. The residents will pick the person who fits the best in their house. Talking negatively won’t make them like you. In contrary, most of the time that is an immediate no for them. Instead, be enthusiastic and positive about your upcoming time studying, the student life and living together with other students.
  5. Ask questions. You always get bonus points when you ask questions to the residents. Show that you want to get to know them as well! It will get a natural and flowing conversation going instead of them asking you questions like an interview.
  6. Talk to every resident individually. In the end, it will be a joint decision of all the residents. Therefore, your chances of being chosen are the highest when you have had a nice conversation with all the residents individually.

If you still feel lost, or have any additional questions regarding viewings, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

Furniture rental service

Found an unfurnished room? No problem!

With the furniture rental service of Student Furniture Holland it is now also easy to rent an unfurnished room. Especially if you are going to live somewhere for a short period, renting furniture is much cheaper than buying. In addition, you save yourself a lot of trouble because the delivery and pick-up service is free for every rental of at least 3 months! Why would you bother hauling around furniture from a large furniture store when everything can be arranged instantly? In this way you also add a contribution to a durable society. Your furniture will be used again when in good order.

More information:

Surrounding municipalities and cities

The Netherlands has an extensive public transportation network. Living in a city as Breda, Eindhoven or 's-Hertogenbosch could be an option since it's just a train ride away. Did you know Tilburg University has it's own train station?

Also municipalities like Loon op zand, Udenhout, Berkel-Enschot, Goirle, Rijen, Gilze and Oisterwijk could be a nice environment. You could travel to the University by bike, bus or train.