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Registration as a resident

If you are going to live in the Netherlands, you need to register as a new resident at the municipality in order to get your BSN number. You can only register if you have permanent accommodation, because a rental contract is needed.

When do you need to register?

You will need to register as a new resident of the town where you are going to live (BRP-inschrijving) if: 

  • You are staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 monthsNote that Tilburg University has a special agreement with the city of Tilburg. If you are an exchange student staying for one semester and living in Tilburg, you do not need to register as a new resident even though your stay exceeds the 4 months.
  • You want to work.
  • You want to open a Dutch bank account.
  • You are going to be accompanied by your spouse irrespective of your length of study.

If you belong to one of the categories listed above, registration as a new resident is mandatory irrespective of your nationality or the purpose of your stay

Note: it is only possible to register with permanent accommodation since you have to show a rental contract. If you are staying in a hotel/airbnb registration is not possible. 

Book an appointment at the municipality 

Check the website of the municipality where you are going to live to schedule an appointment.

Take your passport, a print of your housing contract and Dutch residence permit or IND approval letter to your appointment. You will receive your BSN (=Social Security Number) immediately.

The municipality of Tilburg has opened timeslots for you to book an appointment to register at City Hall (only for students who live in Tilburg, if you live in another city you have to make an appointment at that specific municipality yourself). 
Book an appointment at the municipality of Tilburg 

Note that if you relocate within the Netherlands, you must report to your (new) municipality. Please do not forget to de-register from the City Hall before you leave the Netherlands