Immigration matters

Immigration process

Our Immigration Coordinators are happy to help you and will guide you step-by-step through the immigration process. On this page we will give you more insight in what to expect when. Non-EU students need to apply for a visa and/or residence permit and go through the full process, EU students only need to register as a new resident of the town where they are going to live. We will start the immigration process from May (October for the February intake) onwards by sending you an invitation by email.

Immigration process

  • If you are a non-EU student and are curious to know what to expect during your immigration process, please go through the four phases below. 
  • As a student with an EU nationality you have free access to the Netherlands. The only thing you will need is a valid national ID or passport. There is no immigration process you have to follow beforehand. You do need to register at the city hall (BRP-inschrijving) as a new resident of the town where you are going to live. Please follow the process from phase 4, step 3 onwards.
Phase 1: Payment of the immigration fee
  1. Our Immigration Coordinator sends you an e-mail about the payment of the immigration fee (210 euro). It is important that you pay the fee and start your process even if you have not been unconditionally admitted yet. 

  2. We ask you to pay the immigration fee within 7 days (and before the invoice due date, as you will only receive this email once!). 

    Download the Terms and Conditions of the immigration fee payment for Tilburg University students 

  3. Within 2 weeks after your payment, the Immigration Coordinator sends you an e-mail with:

    • A confirmation of payment
    • Instructions to start the visa/residence permit application in OSIRIS
Phase 2: Application process in OSIRIS
  1. You need to upload the required documents in OSIRIS:

  2. In order to study at Tilburg University, you have to prove to the Dutch Immigration Office that you have sufficient financial means to cover both your living expenses and your tuition fee (the proof regarding tuition fee is not applicable for exchange students).  Premaster students need to have the funds to pay the tuition fee for both premaster and master. You need to transfer the full amount to Tilburg University.
    For 2023/2024 degree students need to have at least 11.700 euro to cover the living expenses for one year (975 euros per month).  Exchange students need to have at least 4.875 euro for one semester. After paying the immigration fee you will find all relevant information in Osiris. 

    We advise you to make sure you have enough money with you to reside in the Netherlands for at least 3 months (including a number of months of rent in advance) as the process of refunding will take a few weeks.

  3. Our Immigration Coordinator checks OSIRIS within two weeks. You will receive a missing items e-mail in case not all documents meet the requirements. We ask you to submit the missing documents as soon as possible.

  4. The Immigration Coordinator sends the application to the IND and informs you by e-mail thereof.

  5. Within 4 weeks we inform you about the outcome of the application process by e-mail. Please note: unfortunately we cannot speed up this process for you.

Phase 3: Getting your visa and/or residence permit
  1. If you have a visa requirement, submit your MVV application and provide your biometric data at a Dutch embassy of choice.

  2. Within approximately 2 weeks, you can collect the visa from the Dutch embassy or consulate.

  3.  You then travel to the Netherlands with your valid passport (and visa, if applicable, within 3 months).

  4. In September (in February for the February intake), the Immigration Coordinator contacts you with further information in respect to the obtainment of the Dutch residence permit card. In addition about the municipality registration and Tuberculosis screening (if applicable).

Phase 4: After arrival
  1. In September (and February), you can pick up your residence permit at a central location. You will receive more information about this later on in the process. In some cases you have to go to the IND office in 's Hertogenbosch yourself to pick up your residence permit card.

  2.  Some non-EU/EEA students are required to undergo a Tuberculosis screening* as part of their residence permit formalities. This takes place by means of a chest x-ray carried out by the Dutch Public Health services (GGD). The Immigration team will arrange an appointment for you with the GGD and will inform you on the date and location of the screening.

    * Please see the Appendix ‘Exemption from the obligation to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test' whether this is applicable to you.

  3.  You will need to register as a new resident of the town where you are going to live (BRP-inschrijving) if: 

    • You are staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 monthsNote that Tilburg University has a special agreement with the city of Tilburg. If you are an exchange student staying for one semester and living in Tilburg, you do not need to register as a new resident even though your stay exceeds the 4 months.
    • You want to work.
    • You want to open a Dutch bank account.
    • You are going to be accompanied by your spouse irrespective of your length of study.

    If you belong to one of the categories listed above, registration as a new resident is mandatory irrespective of your nationality or the purpose of your stay. The municipality has opened timeslots for you to book an appointment to register at City Hall:  

    Book an appointment at the municipality of Tilburg 

    Take your passport, a print of your housing contract and Dutch residence permit or IND approval letter to your appointment. You will receive your BSN (=Social Security Number) immediately. 

    Note that if you relocate within the Netherlands, you must report to your (new) municipality. Please do not forget to de-register from the City Hall before you leave the Netherlands. For those living in Tilburg will receive an e-mail from the Immigration Office at appropriate time.

  4. In order to assist you with opening a Dutch bank account, please visit this page where you'll find all necessary information.
    At most Dutch banks you need a BSN in order to open a bank account. 

  5. In case you have transferred your living expenses to TiU, we advise you to make sure you have enough money with you to reside in the Netherlands for at least 3 months (including a number of months of rent in advance) as the process of refunding will take a few weeks. Your Immigration coordinator will inform you how to enter your Dutch bank details in Osiris in due time. 
  6. It is mandatory for international students residing in the Netherlands to have health insurance. International students are not automatically insured, so they must arrange their own health insurance. Please find out how to arrange your insurance. We advise students to arrange the insurance before entering the Netherlands.