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Registration Days

During our Registration Days, we will welcome you to Tilburg and provide a number of services to make sure you have a pleasant and a well-prepared start in Tilburg. We organize a Registration Day on January 21, 2022 for students starting end of January. On August 18 and 19, 2022 we organize two Registration Days for all new students starting end of August.

What to expect?

The Registration Day for students starting end of January will take place on Friday January 21, 2022. Because of the current corona measures, we are not able to organize the Registration Day in our regular format on campus.

  • This means that no campus activities will take place.
  • Therefore, the offered services are online only and include non-mandatory live online sessions and chats with our employees.  
  • On this page, we provide you with a number of online services and information from our partners to make sure you have a pleasant and a well-prepared start in Tilburg.
  • If you plan to travel to Tilburg, we offer in-person travel assistance.
Are you starting end of August?

The information on this page is for students starting their study program end of January. The Registration Days for students starting end of August will take place on Thursday August 18, 2022 and Friday August 19, 2022. More information about these days will be available in March.

Please register your arrival

  • Register your presence at Tilburg University ONLY and as soon as you have arrived in Tilburg
  • Follow the instructions given in our registration form
  • If you don’t plan to travel to Tilburg yet, no action is required.
Register now

Travel assistance

If you plan to travel to Tilburg in January, we still advise you to arrive on January 21st in order to benefit from the travel assistance we offer. We offer in-person travel assistance only this day at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport, as well as from the Tilburg University train station to your reserved accommodation.

Find out more about traveling to Tilburg University during the Registration Day

If you plan on arriving at another airport or on a different date, you will have to find your way to Tilburg University or your reserved accommodation yourself.

Find out how to travel to the campus

Live online sessions and chats

If you have any questions, please feel free to join the Zoom sessions that we offer during Registration Day. Click on one of the items below to see when they are available and how to join the session.

Meet your International Admissions Coordinator

Do you have questions about your unconditional admission for one of our Bachelor, pre-Master, Master or Research Master programs, such as the conditions detailed in your conditional admission letter, or the documents required? Our International Admissions Coordinators are ready to answer your questions between 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00.

The Zoom session is open on Friday August 21, 2022

Join the Zoom session 

Are you not able to join this live online session today? An Admission Coordinator will also be available to answer any questions you might have regarding your admission at our Admission’s Information Desk in the Intermezzo Building. The Admission's Information Desk will be open every weekday from Friday January 21, 2022 until Friday February 4, 2022 from 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00.

Meet your Exchange Coordinator

Are you an exchange student and do you have any questions regarding your exchange specifically or do you want some additional information regarding your exchange? The Study Abroad & Exchange Team is happy to meet you between 09:00-17:00.

The Zoom session is open on Friday August 21, 2022

Join the Zoom session 

Meet your Immigration Coordinator

Do you have any questions relating to immigration, such as your Dutch residence permit, registration at City Hall and the Dutch social security number (BSN), the tuberculosis screening or intra-EU mobility? Our Immigration team is happy to answer your questions between 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00.

The Zoom session is open on Friday August 21, 2022

Join the Zoom session 

Meet our Student Housing Officer

Do you have any questions relating to temporary or permanent housing? The Student Housing Officer is happy to answer any of your questions. Join the open Zoom session any time between 10:00-12:00 or 14:00-16:00.

The Zoom session is open on Friday August 21, 2022

Join the Zoom session 

Besides, you can request an online appointment with the Housing Officer during TOP-week between January 24 and 28 to ask all your housing related questions. Send an e-mail to studenthousing@tilburguniversity.edu to schedule a timeslot.

Meet our TOP Week team

TOP Winter Week is the introduction week for students that start their studies at Tilburg University in February. Do you have any questions about the program, registration or else? TOP will be available to answer all your questions between 10:00-12:00. If you haven't registered for TOP Winter Week yet, it is also possible to register during this session!

The Zoom session is open on Friday August 21, 2022

Join the Zoom session 

The Student Desk

The Student Desk is Tilburg University’s central student information desk. They can help you with administrative issues.

You can contact the Student Desk:

  • By phone, on weekdays between 10:00-15:30, via +31 (0)13 - 466 8000
  • Via the online contact form
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the desk of the Student Desk is open from 10:00-16:00 in Academia building

If you would like to know more about your schedule and Osiris, you can make an appointment with one of our student assistants. In 15 minutes, they will explain how to see your timetable, how to add courses etc. The explanation will take place in MS Teams.

Our partners

Tilburg has something to offer for everyone! The city has a rich student life with many student organizations, excellent sports facilities and a large number of bars and events. Get a bike to see Tilburg city with own eyes, explore the beautiful surroundings and make (international) friends at student association ESN Tilburg. Get in touch with our partners to help you on your way to find out what Tilburg and Tilburg University has to offer.


ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all international and Dutch internationally minded students. We aim to enrich international student life in Tilburg by organizing various activities. For hosting many of these great activities, we also have our own bar and international meeting point ‘Carpe Noctem’ in the city center!

Studying abroad during times of the coronavirus can be difficult sometimes. Our buddies and mentors are there to help you and to make sure that you keep up to date of the measures. During the activities and events that ESN organizes the applicable guidelines and measures around the coronavirus are followed (given by the Dutch government and RIVM).

Go to ESN Tilburg's website

Go to ESN Tilburg's Instagram account

Go to ESN Tilburg's Facebook channel

Become an I*ESN Tilburg member

Do you want to experience the best time of your life? Become an ESN Tilburg member! 

Get your ESN Tilburg membership

Healthcare and Student support


The Netherlands is recognized for having a good healthcare system, yet there are some very important issues to be aware of. Firstly, all students are recommended to arrange health insurance and register with a local GP as soon as possible after arrival in the Netherlands. Do not wait until you start experiencing health issues. More information about the recommended insurance package can be found in the next paragraph (AON). A list of recommended GPs in Tilburg can be found on the webpage General practitioner

Student support

Secondly, studying in a new country or city is very interesting and exciting, but also brings challenges. In case you need advice or guidance during your studies, we offer a wide range of student support services, both inside and outside the university. See Advice and counseling  for a quick overview of what is on offer.


International students who are in Tilburg for study purposes only and who do not have a paid internship or part-time job are not allowed to take out Dutch public health insurance but must arrange a private insurance.

Tilburg University highly recommends all international students to take out the Aon Complete+ Insurance package, because it includes health, liability and travel insurance, including pre-existing medical and psychological conditions. 

More on arranging your insurances

AON Services

AON will provide several services for international students.

Chat Assistance for all International Students

Webinar Aon Student Insurance Non-EU Students

Webinar Aon Student Insurance EU&EEA Students

International Center Tilburg

The International Center is there to help you build your new life. They organize all kinds of events, provide part-time jobs, and provide assistance with formalities (healthcare insurances, subsidies, student finance, and more). If you are looking to make new friends, be sure to drop by their  café in the city center! They are looking forward to meeting you.

Go to the International Center Tilburg website


VVV Tilburg is the place to get information and tips about events, activities, and hotspots in Tilburg. Their social media shares exciting news and initiatives by Tilburg locals. Check out their website for the latest and ongoing events. Curious to know more? You can contact them via e-mail or phone +31 (0)13 - 532 3720; their staff is excited to help you!

Go to VVV Tilburg's website

Bicycle sale

The Dutch are inseparable from their bicycles, and bikes and cycling are a typical and integral part of Dutch culture. Bicycles are the main form of transportation for Dutch students. Therefore, it is vital for you to get one too! Having a bike will allow you to go anywhere in the city.

Please find out where our recommended bike shops are located for buying or renting a bike:

STUDIO Printing, Design & Merchandise

STUDIO takes care of the design and production of all the printed matter of Tilburg University. In addition to printing yourself, you can have your documents printed on more beautiful paper, in a larger format and with a nice finishing. Moreover, you can have flyers, posters or other means designed. Simply place your order online via the web portal.

If you want to order gifts or clothing in the webshop, you don’t have to wait for your student registration!

You can go to the web portal for:

  • Standard print jobs like flyers, reports, posters, booklets, etc.
  • Ordering gifts, clothing, premiums and specials from Tilburg University
  • Ordering readers
  • Requesting quotations for design jobs or customized print jobs
  • Download the manuals on how to order different jobs

In the portal, you can pay with iDEAL, MasterCard and VISA.

 Service and support

Tilburg University Sports Center

The Tilburg University Sports Center has extensive in- and outdoor accommodations and a wide and varied range of individual and group sports. An all-in sports membership allows you to join any of the sports activities that the Sports Center offers. Membership gives you free access to three municipal swimming pools in Tilburg and the Ireen Wüst Ice Skating Rink.

More on our Sports Center


Two Tilburg students enjoying student life

Welcome new student

The Registration Days are part of the process of becoming a Tilburg University student. Check all the information relevant to kick-start your studies at Tilburg University. 

For degree students

For exchange students