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Study Program Introduction

The compulsory Study Program Introduction will give you the opportunity to meet your fellow students. Moreover, you will receive all the information you need about your program to have a successful start.

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What to expect?

The Study Program Introduction will introduce you to all the practical matters of your study at Tilburg University and is at the same time an introduction activity with your classmates. These day(s) will fully prepare you to make a good start at Tilburg University.

The School to which your study program belongs will organize this introduction with for example:

  • A detailed explanation of your study program and the School itself

  • Important information about the curriculum of your study program

  • The possibility to get to know your class and fellow students

  • A campus tour 

Program per School

Select your School below to read more about the Study Program Introduction for your School specifically. You will receive more information about these days in advance.

Good to know

  • Audience Study Program Introduction:
    The Study Program Introduction is only intended for new students and not for students who have already completed a preparatory Bachelor or Premaster.
  • Fee for participation:
    None. Participation during these days is expected from you as you will learn how to find your way around campus by e.g. learning how to register for courses and exams.
  • Registration:
    You do not need to sign up for this introduction activity. We expect all of our students to join as it is the best way to start your education. In other words,  participation is your own responsibility, to make sure you have all the information to start your study program.
    If you have questions about the program introduction please e-mail the contact person of your School (see Study Program Introduction per School section).

Also visit the Explore 013 Fair

If you do not participate in TOP Week or if it is already sold out, we still want to offer you the opportunity to learn more about student life, Tilburg as a city and Tilburg University facilities. We arranged that you can visit the Explore 013 Fair in the Leijpark on Tuesday August 24 from 12:00 -17:00 hrs, after your Study Program Introduction.

Explore 013 Fair

Note regarding COVID-19! This fair is a 'flow-through' event, during this activity you therefore need to keep 1.5 meters distance. In addition, you do not have to show the QR code in the COVID-19 application.

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Welcome new student

The Study Program Introduction is part of the process of becoming a Tilburg University student. Check all the information relevant to kick-start your studies at Tilburg University.

For degree students

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