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Finalize your admission

In order to be fully enrolled as a student at Tilburg University, you must meet the conditions of admission detailed in your Conditional Admission Letter and you must arrange the payment of your tuition fee in Studielink. On this webpage you can read how you can change your conditional admission into an unconditional admission. You can also find an explanation of the terminology used in the process.

What do you need to do?

For the application process at Tilburg University, you have uploaded the required documents online. If you are conditionally admitted, you may be asked to send us original certified hard copies (or authenticated copies) of your grade lists/transcript of records and diplomas by post  (see ‘Explanation of terminology’ below).

  • You will receive regular reminders about what still needs to be done from your International Admission Coordinator and from our Student Administration Department. 
  • If you have any questions regarding the process of changing your conditional admission to unconditional admission, please contact your International Admission Coordinator as soon as possible to ensure that your enrollment can be completed in time.

Deadlines and consequences

We strongly recommend that you meet all the conditions of admission as soon as possible to avoid any delays to your enrollment.  Please send your documents to us as soon as they are available - do not wait until the deadline. However, you must meet all conditions of admission detailed in your Conditional Admission Letter by:  

Bachelor's applicants

  • August 1  for the September intake 

Master's applicants

  • August 31  for the September intake (if you intend to start your program of study in September)
  • January 31 for the February intake  (if you intend to start your program of study in February)

Remember, the sooner you meet the conditions of admission, the sooner you will be able to complete your enrollment.

Please note:

Different deadlines may apply for applicants for scholarship programs that require unconditional admission before nomination.  For more information, please refer to the scholarship requirements procedure of the scholarship for which you are applying. 

If you do not meet the deadline

Please bear in mind that if you meet the conditions of admission after the deadline mentioned above, there will be consequences for your admission and enrollment at Tilburg University:

  • You will not be able to start the program or, if you have already started, you will have to stop the program immediately.
  • For non-EEA nationals, this may have consequences for your immigration procedure and outcome.

Explanation of terminology

What is a diploma, diploma supplement, and Graduation Statement?


A document issued by an educational institution confirming that you have successfully completed a course of study at a particular level and in a specific field of study.  

Diploma supplement

A document issued by higher education institutions in addition to a degree or certificate. The diploma supplement provides an independent valuation of the nature, level, content and status of the program of study as stated in your diploma and states the courses you have followed during your degree program and the grades achieved. Not every university issues a diploma supplement. If this document is issued by your university, you can send it to us instead of your diploma and transcript of records.  

Graduation Statement

If you have not yet graduated from your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree - or if there will be a delay between your graduation date and the issue date of your diploma (i.e. you will not receive your diploma before the deadline) - you can submit an original hard copy of a Graduation Statement issued by your University for unconditional admission. 

This Graduation Statement must be issued by your University and must confirm details of your program of study, the level of your degree, that you have met all the requirements for graduation and the date your diploma will be issued. There is no standard format for this statement but it must contain the details above, your University’s stamp and a signature of an employee of your University who is empowered to issue such a statement.

Please note:  If you are admitted based on a Graduation Statement, you must submit an original certified hard copy of your diploma/diploma supplement as soon as you receive it. ‘

What is a transcript of records or grade list?

A transcript of records - also known as a grade list - is a statement from your school or university which shows us the courses you have taken. On the transcript of records, you will find the name of the courses you have attended and the grade you received for that course. In the case of university transcripts, the course codes and, in EEA countries, the number of ECTS credits awarded are also mentioned.

If your university issues a diploma supplement, this information should be included and a separate transcript is not required.

Please note that, depending on the language in which your documents are issued, we may also request an official and certified translation of your documents.  If your university automatically issues diplomas, diploma supplements, Graduation Statements and transcripts in English (even if English is not the native language of the university), a translation is not required.

What is an original certified copy?

We need to be sure that you have graduated from your high school or university, according to the details provided in your application. That is why we require an original certified hard copy of your diploma and transcript of records/grade list.

An original certified hard copy is a copy of the original document with an original stamp and signature of an authorized signatory i.e. a School official or a notary public/lawyer; in some countries, it is also possible to have a document certified at your local city hall.  It is not necessary to have an apostille certification (according to the Hague Apostille Convention).

Please remember: if you photocopy the certified copy, this is not an original certified copy, but a non-certified copy that we cannot accept.

How do you get certified copies of the original documents?

  • In most cases, the school/university where you received your diploma will be able to provide you with a certified copy of the documents. Don’t forget to ask them to sign and stamp the copy.
  • In other cases, for example if you live abroad or if your school does not exist anymore, a notary public/solicitor/lawyer will be able to help you out.

Check our information sheet on how to get original certified hard copies (pdf)

What is a certified translation?

If your documents (diplomas and transcript of records) are not in one of the languages we accept, you must include a certified translation. We accept documents in the following languages:

  • For admission to our Bachelor programs: German, English, French, or Dutch
  • For admission to our pre-Master, Master or Research Master programs: English or Dutch

We may also require a scanned copy of your English language test results.

To get a certified translation:

  1. Take your original documents to a translator.  It must be someone who is qualified to translate documents from their original language into one of the languages we accept.  You cannot do this yourself.
  2. The translator will make a translation of the original documents and make a photocopy of the originals.
  3. The translator will then attach the original translation to the photocopy of the originals, adding the comment to the original translation to confirm that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the documents attached.

Send the original translations to the address below.  Do not detach the documents from each other, as they will not be accepted.

Do not make a photocopy of the translation and the other documents and send the photocopy to us because we cannot accept a photocopy for unconditional admission.

Where and how to send the original certified hard copies?

We strongly recommend you send us your original certified hard copies to the following address by courier to avoid loss or a delay.

  • Tilburg University
    International Admissions
    International Office
    Intermezzo Building, room I705
    Warandelaan 2
    5037 AB Tilburg
    The Netherlands