Erik-Jan Broers

Erik-Jan Broers ends up in the last four in the national Teacher of the Year 2023 election

Published: 25th April 2023 Last updated: 25th April 2023

What an achievement! Erik-Jan Broers has made it to the final four in the national final of the Teacher of the Year election. Sadly not a first place, but absolutely a big achievement to be proud of. Our congratulations, Erik-Jan!

Birgit Boogaard (Wagening Universiteit) is the winner of this year's competition. Erik-Jan Broers competes against Birgit Boogaard (Wageningen University), Ed van Beeck (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Jim Portegies (TU Eindhoven). The national election is organised by the ISO and the Comenius Network and aims to reflect on the importance of good teaching. This year, the focus of the election was on the stimulus a lecturer gives to the development of students.