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Financial Times; MSc International Management ranked 3rd worldwide in terms of value for money and graded with 8.31/10

Published: 29th September 2020 Last updated: 15th July 2022

The Master in International Management is ranked 3rd worldwide in terms of value for money, according to Financial Times. Overall, the program moves up to the 49th position, a substantial increase compared to a 57th position in 2019 and 89th in 2017.

The ranking is based on institutional data and alumni responses three years after graduation. The university shares information on gender and international diversity among students and staff, employment rate, and international course experience during the program. The MSc International Management program proves to be very diverse - 44% of students is international and the cohort includes 16 different nationalities.

Alumni respond to questions about salary, career path, and school guidance in terms of career services. Graduates show a 66% salary increase, comparing the first job after graduation and the situation three later. In terms of career progress, the program is ranked 11th out of the 90 programs ranked as graduates show large changes in the level of seniority in their careers. Alumni also indicate that 85% of the goals they had when starting the master’s program were fulfilled, which is the tied 5th highest score. On average, alumni rate the program 8.31 out of 10.

More information about the top 100 Masters in Management is available on the Financial Times website.

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