Students Tilburg University

(Re-)Enrollment in post-Master's Accountancy programs

If you want to take a post-Master's Accountancy program at Tilburg University, then you should register and enroll as follows.

Step 1: Enrollment

You can sign up for the (European/International) post-Master's Accountancy programs on their website to be found via this overview of Postgraduate programs of Professional Learning. You will find details about the entry requirements on the registration page. The program will notify you by e-mail about your admission, or about any requirements that you must meet in order to be admitted.

Step 2: Completion of enrollment

If you have never before been enrolled at Tilburg University, you will receive e-mail notification once you are registered and your enrollment has been processed. This e-mail will include login details for the Tilburg University network, including your Tilburg University mailbox.

Students who re-enroll at Tilburg University (even if they enroll for another program) keep the same login information. They will not receive a separate e-mail with login details.

The Student Administration will send you a separate e-mail at your university e-mail address with details about payment of tuition fees.

In order to be enrolled, all the required documents must be received by the (European/International) post-Master's Accountancy program and the tuition fees must be deposited in Tilburg University’s bank account.

You will be e-mailed at your university e-mail address a Proof of enrollment once you have fulfilled all administrative and financial requirements.