Feedback organizational processes and rules Tilburg University

The purpose of this form is to gather feedback about organizational processes that are needlessly complex or rules that make our life more difficult than necessary. The objective is less red tape, less rules and more time for substantive work. Our question for you: which processes need to be more efficient? Which rules should be reconsidered?  All ideas will receive serious consideration.

Would you prefer to visit us? The door in C182 is open for you every Tuesday from 15h to 17h

You can submit your idea anonymously, but we would appreciate having your contact information so we can ask for additional information if needed.

Privacy statement

Information about the processing of your personal data  

We use your data to collect input to identify administrative processes within our organization that can be simplified and improved. The goal is: less administrative hassle and more time for content. You can fill out the form anonymously; submitted data will be deleted after this strategy period in 2027. Read more about the processing of your data in our privacy statement