Student Support Roadmap

Please indicate which situation applies to you
You need help or advice because of a chronic or other illness or disability, psychological symptoms, family circumstances, informal care, or pregnancy
Exam arrangements or study delay as a result of dyslexia
Your Tilburg University card, tuition fee, diplomas, registration, or grades
I have questions around study progress for example about thesis, exchange, courses or enrollment.
Issues involving study skills, writing skills, planning
Exam arrangements, postponement of deadlines, extra exam opportunities, alternative assignments, postponement of BSA, dual career, flexible studying
Requests for student finance, delayed tuition fee payments, child benefit and orphan’s pension statements
Interim enrollment, re-enrollment after a break due to illness, registering for courses/working groups
Switching programs, choosing a Master’s, elective courses, or a major/minor
Job market orientation, career preparation, vacancies
You have issues that are not strictly study-related, e.g., mental issues or issues in your home situation
You have a complaint about a procedure, e.g., during an exam, or you have been treated unfairly, or about something else that did not go well.
I am dealing with other issues and none of the above descriptions apply to my situation.


How can we help you?

Health issues or special circumstances

There are special circumstances that may cause you to delay your studies. These include chronic or other illnesses, a handicap, psychological complaints, family circumstances, informal care or pregnancy.
  • If you want to talk about the problem itself, see who you want to do that with: student psychologist, social worker or student pastor (see student counselors).
  • The circumstances may affect your study planning, your financial situation, and binding study advice, among other things. Therefore, in many cases you are required to report these circumstances. Who you must do that with and who can inform you of the consequences depends on your stage of study and nationality:
What phase of study are you in?
What is your nationality?

Bachelor EEA

How long have you been enrolled in this Bachelor's program?
Did you receive a postponement of the binding study advice (BSA) in your first year?

Premaster NL or EEA

At which School are you doing your premaster?

Master NL or EEA

How long have you been studying in higher education?
If you are doing a master of 120 EC, read 'in my fourth or fifth year'.
If you are taking a 120 EC master's course, read 'longer than 5 years'

Our advice

Administrative issues

How can we help you?

Questions about Study Progress

How can we help you?

Issues involving studying

Issues involving study, writing, or planning skills
How can we help you?

Issues involving exams, assignments, deadlines, BSA, or other study-related matters

How can we help you?
Please note! Reporting is required

Financial issues

How can we help you?

Issues concerning enrollment

How can we help you?

Issues concerning choice of program

How can we help you?

Questions on career preparation and what you want to do after graduation

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Issues that do not strictly relate to your studies

How can we help you?


Other issues

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