Phone Campaign

Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.

Phone campaign

Together we make a difference

Every year a group of 50 students contact our alumni by phone to catch up and update them about the latest news of their Alma Mater.  Alumni will also be informed about the several research and education projects that are supported by the Tilburg University Fund. These projects are a great opportunity for alumni to stay involved with Tilburg University and to give back to the community of their Alma Mater. Many of our alumni have already supported the Tilburg University Fund. Curious how their support made a difference? Take a look at the overview below.

Belcampagne beursstudenten 20172018

Support scholarships for students

Thanks to the financial support of our alumni, talented students from all over the world have had the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree at Tilburg University. This year we were again able to provide  scholarships to very talented students from all around the world. The donations of our alumni have a great impact on the lives of these international students. The ability to realize their dreams to do a Master’s program at Tilburg University is life changing for them. This year, Sunday, Tea, Robert, Amaka Bianca, Xiaoyue and Justice, are the students whose dream came true. Read their stories and discover how a scholarship can make a difference.

Do you also want to contribute to the talent of international students? Then support the University Fund!

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Have a seat!

Want to support students to develop their talent AND leave your name on the Tilburg University campus? Adopt a chair in our largest lecture hall and Have a Seat! By adopting a chair in the new education building, Cube, you support student scholarships.

Have a seat

Support Education and Research

Tilburg University wants to contribute to a better society through education and research. Our scientists work on solutions and innovations for complex issues. Together with knowledge institutions, companies, governments and citizens we create new insights and valuable answers that are beneficial for our society. As an alumnus, you can support Tilburg University research that really makes a difference. With your contribution you give our students, teachers and researchers the opportunity to conduct research that has a valuable impact on our society. Below you find an impression of projects that are supported and made possible by our alumni.

Hackathon: Innovative Approach

image belcampagne hackathon

With her Creative Entrepreneurship course, Professor Tal Simons wants students to gain experience and practical knowledge on complex strategic decision-making entrepreneurs are dealing with. During this course, students will be part of a Hackathon were they will be in groups developing new ideas and solutions to solve ‘Grand Challenges’. For example, questions like 'How can we promote creativity and entrepreneurship in higher education?'. Students will become acquainted with processes professional designers use and will be supported by experts in this area. This innovative approach gives students more confidence in their capacities to find creative solutions to complex problems.

With the support of alumni, we can make this initiative possible and give students the opportunity to develop professionally. The education project 'Team Assignment for the Creative Entrepreneurship Course’ is an initiative of Tal Simons and Joshua Eckblad and is being carried out for the TiSEM Department of Management. 

Social Impact of Cancer

image belcampagne sociale impact van kanker

In a time where social care is becoming increasingly important, strengthening social support systems is critical. Family and friends are often unaware how to provide support for their loved ones who are dealing with cancer in an advanced stadium. Besides, oncologists primarily prioritize the medical situation of the patient and often there is no time to discuss the social impact of the disease. Because of this, cancer patients indicate that they have unmet social needs.
Researcher Janneke van Roij wants to address this issue and created a training course for cancer patients and caregiver. With multiple effective learning techniques such as imagination, roleplay and storytelling, this training aims to help patients and their caregivers to deal with the disease together on a social level. 
The research 'Understanding the social experience of advanced cancer' is carried out by Janneke van Roij for the depariment of Medical & Clinical Psychology.

Tilburg Women’s Open

There still exists inequality with regards to men and women, both in academic and business. This also applies for the world of debating. Studies have shown that men talk more in groups compared to women which is seen as a sign of domination. Therefore, debate club Cicero introduces the 'Women's Open', a symposium about emancipation followed by a debating tournament for women all over the world. This annual event is specifically organized for female participants to help them develop their soft skills, such as presentation and argumentation skills. Cicereo believes women will feel more comfortable in an environment with only women which will stimulate them to train and practice their speaking skills. By facilitating this event, Cicero aims to encourage women to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

The Women’s Open is a student initiative from debate association Cicero.

Effects of Economic Market Stress

The economy is a complex set of financial flows. Flights-to-safety events (FTS) are also part of this. These are events on the financial market in which investors exchange their high risk investments for safer investments. FTS events are characterized by strong declines in share prices and substantial increases in government bonds. Such market stress understandably carries risks for the economy. The increases and decreases resulting from FTS events are caused by a variety of factors. Think of the Brexit, national elections and multitude of other social events.

Understanding FTS through short intervals

Existing research shows that market participants (such as investors) drastically change and/or relocate their capital on so-called FTS days. However, these findings are based on data that includes the time span of a whole day. Dr. Lieven Baele wants to investigate FTS events at shorter intervals of about five minutes. By combining these short intervals with other data, such as (monetary) policy decisions, political decisions, political events or industrial events, he can accurately determine the exact causes of FTS events and their scale (global, regional, local). In this way, bankruptcies, unemployment and economic contraction can perhaps be prevented, as there is better understanding of the reason for them. This research is therefore important for politicians and policymakers to keep the negative effects of economic market stress to a minimum.

Thank you for your support!