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Interview Dmyzer: How is the winning startup of the Tilburg University Challenge doing now?

Published: 08th September 2021 Last updated: 08th September 2021

On July 1, 2020 the first edition of The Connection took place! During the start-up event in Central Brabant, the 10 Rising Stars from our region were guests, including Dmyzer, the startup that won the Tilburg University Challenge. Curious how they are now? They tell you that with pride in this interview!

Dmyzer is a platform for data issues aimed at SMEs, started in 2020 by three students from the Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence program at Tilburg University. (The name is a combination of 'data' and 'anonymizer', since all data is anonymized.) The objective is to let smaller companies in particular benefit from the opportunities offered by data science. Dmyzer is – once ready – an accessible platform for data issues. A place where data specialists help and support companies.

No pitch, no competition 

Teunis van der Hofstad: “The Connection is a really nice concept. It's very informal. In this way the event is also communicated to the outside world. You don't have to pitch, it's not a competition. All participating parties have their own strengths and ideas. You tell your story and indicate where you can use support as a startup. Another advantage is that there are established companies from the Central Brabant region that will help you further. You don't have to win it for yourself."

Request for help answered 

According to Teunis, the 'demarcated' in particular is an added value. Because the focus is on Central Brabant, the lines are shorter and as a starter you are faster at the right party. “Our request for help was clear. We are working on a project for PEP from Tilburg and are collecting marketing data for two events in the region. What we are looking for are companies that are interested in joining. The more data and events we can record, the better the result. One event can learn from the patterns of another event. Thanks to The Connection, our request for help has been answered. A number of talks are now planned with parties from Tilburg," says Teunis.

On the right track 

For Dmyzer, The Connection has been a positive experience. Teunis: “Great opportunities have arisen from this, we have gained new inspiration and got to know other parties better. And they us. After all, an event like The Connection is a place where entrepreneurs come together. These are important moments for us – especially in this phase. If during the closing barbecue we are asked whether we can answer a certain question with data. The curiosity and interest there is in our vision on data science. Those are moments that tell us that we are on the right track with Dmyzer. A long way, that's for sure. The next nice step would be a paid project. Until then, we will continue to develop the platform.”

The Connection

Central Brabant is often praised for its SMEs and transport. But there are also successful startups in the region that often remain underexposed. We think that may change! In association with:

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