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Electric shared car and shared bike GoAbout

Published: 13th June 2022 Last updated: 13th June 2022

As a Tilburg University employee, you participate to a greater or lesser extent in meetings, conferences and symposiums, both at home and abroad. Sustainability is an important criterion in deciding how to make these journeys. Also, with the extension of our campus, the distance between some university buildings has increased. To help our employees travel long as well as short distances, a bike and electric car sharing pilot project by GoAbout has started in November 2021. The app offers you the opportunity to plan, book, and make your business trip and to automatically claim the expenses. There are sustainable options only: public transport, a shared bike, or a shared electric car. The project is aimed at employees, with some options also available to students.

More and more employees, after the Corona restrictions were lifted, have returned to work more on campus and may have missed the start of this pilot. Through this way, we would like to draw your attention to this facility again.

GoAbout shared bikes are parked in various places around the campus and two electric cars are available in the Warande parking lot. Public transport, bikes, and cars can be booked with the app. You can subsequently open the lock of the car or bike via Bluetooth. After use, the car must be returned to its fixed place in the parking lot (Warandelaan). There are several places where you can return a shared bike to a GoAbout parking. Students can use the shared bikes, too, except that the expenses of the business use for employees are automatically charged to the university and students pay the costs themselves.

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