Virtual Private Network (VPN) 'GlobalProtect'

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to access services and servers over the Internet that are not freely accessible over the public Internet.

The VPN connection we use within the university is called 'GlobalProtect'.  We recommend that you always activate it. This way automatic updates are performed, you can access your documents on the M: and O: drive and we can detect threats (such as phishing emails) from within the university.

What to use VPN for?

Because of working from home, no automatic updates are performed on the university's computers. It has been ensured from IT that these updates do occur at home when employees turn on their VPN connection.

Frequently Asked Questions on VPN

  • How to set up a VPN connection on my computer, mobile phone or tablet?
  • What is the expiration time of a VPN session?

Please check the Self Service Portal IT for the answers to these questions and more information.

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