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Employee Association Unifriends

Unifriends is the employee association of the university and has over 1,000 members. Unifriends already exists for 50 years.

Unifriends 2024 anniversary menu

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We are proud to present our festive activity menu for the 2024 anniversary year! 

Besides traditional activities, we will offer new experiences, inspired by the beauty of the seasons. The employee association has teamed up with Dutch nature conservation organization Natuurmonumenten, supporting their valuable work to preserve and protect nature monuments. Read our menu for the diverse activities that will introduce you to the beautiful scenery in and around Tilburg.

Check out our annual program for 2024!

Festive menu 2024

PV Unifriends 55 years

Do you have a colleague (member employee association) who qualifies for a gift?

The employee association strives to do this in the best possible way:

  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Employment anniversary
  • Long-term illness
    More than three weeks

The board notices that this is very much appreciated, because it is precisely these little attentions that illustrate, among other things, what the employee association wants to achieve, namely 'More human attention for each other'!

For this we do need your help in the form of, for example, sending a card (no copy), or a message from a colleague in case of long-term illness (longer than three weeks) or in case of direct hospitalization.

Sign up your colleague for an attention by sending an email to