Wine Tasting at Van Bilsen

Date: Time: 19:00 Location: Wijnkoperij van Bilsen, Tilburg

Wine tasting at wine seller Van Bilsen is unique in Tilburg and the surrounding area as a result of the friendly atmosphere and the distinctive feel of their tasting room. During this evening, we will be introduced to different, surprising wines, which we will get to taste in abundance. It promises to be to be a very pleasant and atmospheric evening!

Program (doors open at 19:00 hrs.; the program starts at 19:30 hrs.)
We will begin this fun evening with a glass of sparkling wine. Then there will be a brief explanation of vinification – the process whereby grape juice is converted into wine. Because, of course, it is interesting to know something about what happened to the wine before it ended up in your glass. We will get a wine tasting crash course, so you know how to experience the flavors of a wine in the best possible way. And of course the art of tasting is not something to just talk about, it is something you need to do!

We will be tasting two bottle of white wine and compare the flavors. Then we will blind taste five red wines. This is not only instructive but will also make for interesting discussions. It will be a tasting full of fun facts, useful tips, and especially delightful wines. During the tasting, bread with cheese, ham, and sausage will be served. The tasting will end at approximately 21:30-22:00 hrs.

The members’ contribution for this activity is € 7.50 per Unifriends member. It is possible to bring one guest, who pays € 17.50.

Wijnkoperij Van Bilsen, Korvelseweg 45| 5025 JB Tilburg

The registration deadline is February 23. There is room for a maximum of 75 participants.