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Major maintenance of façade Koopmans building

Published: 14th April 2023 Last updated: 08th May 2023

As of May 8, major maintenance is being carried out on the façade of Koopmans building. To ensure the safety of campus visitors, a 10-meter safety zone will be established around the entire building. During the work on the northern façade (i.e., the side facing Library/Goossens), the building can only be entered via two protective walk-through containers. The bike parking racks around Koopmans building are moved to other places on the campus. Work is expected to continue until November 2023. Employees who work in Koopmans building will be directly informed of the renovation schedule.

Various façade repair activities will be carried out. For instance, concrete damages and leaks will be repaired, old sealant will be replaced, and the facade will be repainted. The activities will be carried out in six phases, starting with the northern façade (main entrance) from the east (Restaurant) towards the west (Warande parking lot) of the building. Next, the southern façade (the side facing Cobbenhagen) will be done. Work is expected to continue until November 2023. Staff and students can go to the Facility Service Desk if they have any questions.

What does this mean for you?

On the northern side, activities that may cause inconvenience will take place between 7:00 and 10:00 hrs. If more time is necessary, the work will be rescheduled in consultation. At the moment, it is not yet clear when the work on the southern façade will be carried out. To allow for more flexible working hours in the offices, Koopmans building will remain open from 7:00 to 21:00 hrs. for the duration of the project.

Scaffolding will be suspended from both the northern and southern façades. Fixed scaffolding will be put up around the side façades and around the protruding balconies on the long façades. A safety zone will be established around the building. This means that it is prohibited to come within a ± 10-meter radius of the building. To ensure access to Koopmans, and to Cobbenhagen building through the glass corridor, two containers will be placed at the entrance in the northern façade for the duration of the maintenance work, which visitors to the building can use to safely enter and exit the building.

New temporary walking routes around the campus will be signposted. The bike racks around Koopmans building will be moved to other places on the campus.

Inconvenience in and around the building

You may experience some inconvenience during the renovation of the façade. Types of inconvenience you may experience are listed below.

  • Work on the façade: hacking, drilling, vibration, and dust.
  • Renovation workers on the scaffolding in front of the windows.
  • Use of the safe entrance to and exit from Koopmans.
  • Relocation of bike racks.
  • No access to the safety zone.
  • Adjusted route for firefighters over the lawn behind Vigilant building.
  • Modified route for suppliers.

If you work in Koopmans

Users of Koopmans building will be directly informed via the secretaries’ offices. Secretaries will be informed per phase of the renovation activities and any expected inconvenience. In the event of any questions, they can ask their secretaries’ office or Jacqueline Buurkes. Other users, including Mail Room staff, service staff, and external workers, will also be directly informed.