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Recognition & Rewards

Recognition & Rewards

With the Recognition & Rewards program, Tilburg University actively contributes to the joint national initiative to revise the system of recognizing and rewarding academics in such a way that it does justice to the domains of education, research, societal impact, leadership and team spirit.

Within Tilburg University, Recognition & Rewards is part of the broad vision on talent development Use (y)our Talents, not only for academics, but for all employees of Tilburg University.

What will this mean for you as an academic?

  • Employees are given the opportunity to invest in their strengths, have the opportunity to shape their careers in line with their talents, and use these talents to contribute as members of a team, and for the university community as a whole.
  • Team members are valued for their team spirit and the results of teamwork and not just for their individual contributions within the domains of education, research, and societal impact.
  • Employees are treated in a fair, open, and transparant manner; leadership style, organizational climate, and systems for promotion and rewards do justice to their contributions and recognize and create room for a diversity of talents.

Would you like to know more about Tilburg University’s broad vision on talent development? Take a look at the Use (y)our Talents website (only accessible for staff members).

Online Recognition & Rewards Festival

Sign up now for the online Recognition & Rewards Festival | February 4th, 2022

  • For everyone who is interested in the Recognition & Rewards Program
  • Discuss opportunities, challenges, and dilemmas
  • Focus on the subject of ‘teams’
  • Including workshops and round table discussions

Members of the Committee

  • Em. Prof. Jaap Paauwe, chair
  • Dr. Elke van Cassel, project leader
  • Prof. dr. Reyer Gerlagh, TiSEM
  • Prof. Saskia Lavrijsen, TLS
  • Prof. Stefan Bogaerts, TSB
  • Prof. Marjolijn Antheunis, TSHD
  • Drs. Ada van der Velden-Westervelt, TST
  • Dr. Esther Keymolen, TLS
  • Prof. dr. ir. Boudewijn Haverkort, TSHD
  • Ellen van Dodewaard, Division Human Resources 
  • Piet van Ierland, Division Marketing & Communication 
  • Marjolijn Vermeulen, Division of Academic Services Policy Staff 
  • Dr. David Peeters,Tilburg Young Academy
  • Anne van Bellen, Student-assistant HR

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your views please contact the Steering Committee Recognition & Rewards