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Recognition & Rewards

Recognition & Rewards

Our academics excel in many different areas: research, education, societal impact, leadership, and team spirit. In the current system, performance in these areas is not recognized and rewarded in the same way, with a strong emphasis on research excellence, measured in quantitative terms.

Both individual academics and institutions stand to gain from a system and culture change that leads to appreciation of a diversity of talents.

With the project Recognition & Rewards, Tilburg University actively contributes to the joint national initiative to revise the system of recognizing and rewarding scientists in such a way that it does justice to the domains of education, research, societal impact, leadership, and team spirit. These domains for recognition and rewards are in line with Tilburg University’s objectives and vision, the Connected Leading philosophy in particular. These programs complement each other. Where Connected Leading focuses on all employees, Recognition & Rewards initially focuses on the academic staff.

The Tilburg University Steering Committee Recognition & Rewards has entered into a dialogue with the academic community regarding the new approach to recognition and rewards. The Committee has formulated a vision and ambition for Tilburg University, with the nationwide position paper Room for Everyone’s Talent as its inspiration. 

Outcomes dialogue sessions Recognition & Rewards

In the period from January to April 2021, dialogue sessions took place within the faculties of Tilburg University about the ideas of Recognition and Rewards. There was much enthusiasm and a warm welcome for the ideas, but also many questions and critical comments. In this document, you can find the input that was collected during the dialogue sessions. It includes a clustering by core domain and by theme. The responses are important input for the recommendations to the Executive Board. We hope you enjoy reading it and we invite you to send us any additions or reactions. You can do so via e-mail.

Outcomes dialogue sessions R&R 

Jantine Schuit, Vice Rector Magnificus, explains in a video what concrete steps will be taken in the Recognition & Rewards program.

What will this mean for you as an academic?

This is the Committee’s ambition for the future, what it hopes Tilburg University will achieve in the next 3-5 years:

  • Staff members are treated in a fair, open, and transparent way; leadership style, organizational climate, and systems for career development and recognition and rewards will do justice to their contributions and will recognize and stimulate the diversity of talents.
  • Staff members will develop their careers in line with their talents, while at the same time making sure that by means of a proper combination of key areas (including leadership and team spirit) they contribute to a professional learning organization for the sake of our students.
  • Team members, be it in education, research, or societal impact will be appreciated for their team spirit and the results of teamwork as well as for their individual contributions.

See the aspiration document for the full version of the ambition:

Aspiration paper Recognition & Rewards l 08-2020



Download Room for Everyone’s Talent:
The Tilburg University ambition


Timeline Recognition and Rewards

Timeline Recognition & Rewards

In the Recognition & Rewards timeline you can see what activities have been undertaken and what steps have already been taken. It is also a preview of things to come. Each activity or step has a link to the corresponding document or message.

Timeline Recognition & Rewards

The words of academics

In 'the words of academics', a number of Tilburg University academics share what Recognition & Rewards means to them. They are asked what they hope Recognition & Rewards will mean for them in their careers, but also what it will mean for Tilburg University and for academia in general.

Members of the Committee

  • Em. Prof. Jaap Paauwe, chair
  • Dr. Elke van Cassel, project leader
  • Prof. Joost Driessen, TiSEM
  • Prof. Saskia Lavrijsen, TLS
  • Prof. Stefan Bogaerts, TSB
  • Prof. Marjolijn Antheunis, TSHD
  • Prof. Monique van Dijk-Groeneboer, TST
  • Prof. Geert Vervaeke, Dean TLS
  • Prof. Boudewijn Haverkort, Dean TSHD
  • Ellen van Dodewaard, Director Human Resources Division
  • Piet van Ierland, Director Marketing & Communication Division
  • Marjolijn Vermeulen, Head of Academic Services Policy Staff 
  • Dr. Esther Keymolen, Chair of Tilburg Young Academy

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your views please contact the Steering Committee of Recognition and Rewards