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Recognition & Rewards

Recognition & Rewards

With the Recognition & Rewards program, Tilburg University actively contributes to the joint national initiative to revise the system of recognizing and rewarding academics in such a way that it does justice to the domains of education, research, societal impact, leadership and team spirit.

Within Tilburg University, Recognition & Rewards is part of the broad vision on talent development Use (y)our Talents, not only for academics, but for all employees of Tilburg University.


With its commitment to Recognition & Rewards, Tilburg University aims to enable its employees to fully develop their talents, both individually and as a team, in a culture appropriate to its core values—Connected, Curious, Caring, and Courageous—in a safe and inclusive work environment based on openness, transparency, and trust, and with the leadership that enables this, in line with the connected leading philosophy.

To achieve this ambition, Tilburg University sets the following goals:

  • Diversification of career paths.
  • Attention to the individual and to the team.
  • Focus on quality in criteria for recruitment, selection, development, and promotion.
  • Recognition for Open Science.
  • Encouraging Connected Leading.


A number of principles have been formulated that will guide the policy to be developed in the follow-up process, in the areas of; relationship between domains, choice of emphasis, individual and collective interest, and harmonization and differentiation. Are you curious about these principles? You can request them by

Recap Recognition & Rewards Festival 2022

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