Catering bestellen

Horeca services at meetings and events

Tilburg University has several contract parties from which services can be ordered for meetings, receptions, buffets, events and other catering. The different possibilities are briefly explained here.


Services at meetings such as coffee/tea, lunch, fruit and other treats can be ordered through CIRFOOD's ordering portal in Proactis.

For meeting services (coffee/tea) for less than 20 people, you can use the vending machines in the buildings and near the meeting rooms. You can order coffee and tea pots via the Planon order portal

Order from CIRFOOD  Info on invoice and order portal Proactis

Large events and custom activities

Services at larger events or custom activities can be provided by the hospitality operators on campus.

Tilburg University has several contract parties from whom services can be ordered for drinks, buffets, events, etc. 

Keep in mind that you have to book the location and any other necessary matters such as cleaning, security, BHV'ers, closing of buildings. If you would like facility and logistical support in organizing an event, please contact Conference & Event Support (CES).

More information about the available services can be found below.