Ondersteuning RDM

Can I get support with RDM?

The Research Data Office (RDO) supports you in the sustainable storage and sharing of research data. You can also come here for advice on drawing up a data management plan.

The Research Data Office is the virtual point of contact for researchers and faculty for research data management questions.

The RDO provides support and advice on:

  • Management, storage and sustainable preservation of research data.

  • Data management plans for research grant applications.

  • Topics related to the Regulations on Research Data Management.

  • Processing of personal data in research data.




  • Petra Ploeg, (+31 13 - 466) 2634
  • Hanneke Teunissen, (+31 13 - 466) 8438
  • Kars Wijnhoven, (+31 13 - 466) 8794