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Beyond Knowledge - TSHD Educational Event 2023

Date: Time: 14:00 Location: Dante building

This year’s TSHD Educational Afternoon will take place on Tuesday, June 13, from 14:00 − 17:30 in the Dante building.
Good education is not just about knowledge transfer. Therefore, this time we invited teachers to talk and learn about highlighting other sides of their teaching that they believe are important as well.

The afternoon starts with a joint session in which teachers from different educational fields talk about citizenship education and the training of academic skills in relation to character building. We explore what we can learn from this for character building for example, one of the pillars of the TiU educational vision.

After the plenary session participants in this event can choose to attend a 2-hour workshop on theatre skills. The other option is to attend one of two parallel sessions (in three rounds) on topics such as ‘teachers as role models’, ‘creating a safe classroom environment’, ‘how to decolonize our education’ and of course ‘how to go about AI tools like ChatGPT in education’.

Because we also like to include our students in this conversation about education a session will also be provided by them.
Over drinks at the end of the afternoon the TSHD ‘best teacher awards’ will be presented by the Vice Dean of Education, Dries Deweer.
So don’t hesitate and sign up for this inspiring afternoon where teaching and issues that teachers are dealing with are the focus of attention.
Enrollment is open to all TSHD teachers and staff as well as interested teachers and staff from other Schools.

Organizing committee:

  • Marije van Amelsvoort
  • Suzanne van der Beek
  • Bart Engelen
  • Petra Heck
  • Paula Roncaglia
  • Anna Shekiladze
  • Joost Verhoeven

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