Student entrepreneurship at Tilburg University

Anyone can learn to be an entrepreneur

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Even after your studies, you will never stop learning. Our lecturers are happy to give you tips on how to deepen your knowledge. Wynand Bodewes, Academic Director of the Bachelor’s program Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation, recommends a TED Talk and even a MOOC on entrepreneurship.

  • TiSEM - Wynand Bodewes Wynand Bodewes

    Academic Director BSc Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation

    "Entrepreneurs dare to pursue opportunities that others consider to be pointless, bound to fail, and as having no value. As a result, they mostly have only their own acumen to rely on. It is this very self-reliance that makes critical feedback on the course they have set crucial, yet many entrepreneurs neglect to organize it, whereas growth entrepreneurs remarkably often do organize external feedback. In one of his books, Peter Drucker argues that entrepreneurship can be learned: ‘It's not magic; it's not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with genes. It's a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned.' And science now backs up this view. So it is hardly surprising that there is a wide range of learning modules on offer that seek to prepare people for independent entrepreneurship through knowledge transfer, development of skills, and Bildung."

Margaret Heffernan – Entrepreneurs, too, stand to benefit from critical thinking


Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University

The Bachelor’s program Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation at Tilburg University offers students a unique opportunity: engaging in entrepreneurship, they build relevant knowledge, skills, and character. In this way, they evolve as university-trained entrepreneurs. There is the university-wide Entrepreneurship minor, a Master’s entrepreneurship track at TiSEM, and many other programs, too, include the dimension of socially responsible entrepreneurship. And alumni tastes are also catered for. For example, there’s the annual Road Symposium, organized by the Academic Business Club. In the fall, alumni can attend lectures as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and they (as well as students) can join a virtual incubation program through Braventure. In addition, IQONIC, the Entrepreneurship Hub of Tilburg University, offers guidance for start-ups as well as office accommodation for both students and alumni.

One more tip

"This MOOC  on entrepreneurship offers a great deal of insightful information about designing, organizing, and managing new businesses. From spotting opportunities to launch, growth, funding, and profitability – every aspect is covered."

Learn more in this free trial versionm

Date of publication: 17 September 2021