Campus tijdens Corona

Campus before and during corona

Campus Shot 1 min. Marlies de Brouwer

Many of us have not been on campus in a long time. Students take online classes and employees work from home as much as possible. What does the campus look like in corona times? Let’s find out in this Campus Shot.

Studying on campus

Students study at home as much as possible. For students for whom this is difficult, a limited number of study places in the Library are available. Student Support reviews which students are eligible for a library study place. Other study places are closed.

campus kiek - campus voor corona
campus kiek - campus tijdens corona

Studying in the Library before corona

Studying in the Library during corona

Lecturing at one and a half meters

With regard to the new measures, all lectures take place online. Exams continue as scheduled, i.e., both online and on campus. Prior to the latest measures, some small-scale classes were provided on campus. Physical proximity within the university community is an important part of academic education. Therefore, we will strive to provide some small-scale classes (e.g., seminars) on campus as soon as the relevant rules are relaxed.

campus kiek - lesgeven voor corona
campus kiek - lesgeven tijdens corona

Lecturing before corona

Lecturing after corona (before the strict lockdown)

Rules of conduct on campus

Students, employees, and visitors to the campus follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. In addition to the RIVM’s hygiene measures, Tilburg University has issued further guidelines. The rules of conduct at Tilburg University can be found at the entrances to buildings. The walking routes are marked on the ground. Signposting and stickers indicate what is allowed or possible in certain places.


campus kiek - campus voor corona
campus kiek - richtlijnen campus

Campus before corona

Campus after corona, complying with the rules of conduct

Events on campus

Events and meetings only take place online.

campus kiek - collegezalen voor corona
campus kiek - collegezalen tijdens corona

Event in Cube before corona

Cube during corona

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremonies have been cancelled due to tightened measures. When the situation allows, we will go back to the "walk-through" on weekends. Tilburg University would like to give students the opportunity to mark the end of their studies in a festive manner.

campus kiek - diploma voor corona
campus kiek - diploma tijdens corona

Graduation ceremony before corona

Graduation ceremony during corona (before the strict lockdown)

Open days prospective students

For prospective students, it is more difficult to properly make their choice of study program at the moment, since they cannot visit our campus or attend any information sessions or lectures in one of our lecture halls. In order to help them as much as possible, we offer several online options for their orientation. Using these options, they can get information on the programs, meet some Tilburg University students, and watch live information sessions in the Auditorium.

campus kiek - studievoorlichting voor corona
campus kiek - studievoorlichting tijdens corona

Open days before corona

Open days during corona

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