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The effect of sustainable investments in times of corona crisis

Knowledge Snacks Annemeike Tan

Also hunger for knowledge? Fancy a snack? Watch this knowledge clip about the research of Tilburg University Jurian Hendrikse (Research Master in Business), in which he talks about his research on the effect of sustainable investments in times of corona crisis.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments are widely touted as the solution to environmental, social, and societal problems and as a “vaccine” against poor stock performance in times of crisis. A study carried out by the Tilburg University researchers Philip Joos and Jurian Hendrikse, together with Elizabeth Demers (University of Waterloo) and Baruch Lev (NYU), shows that this is unlikely to be the case and that such traditional yardsticks as liquidity and innovation-based assets are better indicators of crisis period stock price resilience.

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Date of publication: 23 April 2021