Emmanuel Reeves

Liberian Emmanuel Reeves looks back

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Where are our international alumni now? Did they return to their home country after graduation or did they end up going elsewhere in the world? What did they get out or their studies? Is Tilburg University still on their minds? Where did the path from Tilburg University lead for alumnus Emmanuel Reeves (51) from Liberia?

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Where are you now?


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Master of International Business Law

When I think of Tilburg University...

When I think of my time at Tilburg University, the first thing that springs to mind is the cooperative form of teaching: working on research assignments with a group of students was totally new to me. I studied at Tilburg University thanks to a scholarship. The opportunity that was given to me continues to pay off in my professional career. I can recommend studying at Tilburg University to any student with ambition and ability. No doubt about it! Therefore I am an enthusiastic ambassador for Tilburg University.

Emmanuel Reeves graduation day

As a student in 2013/2014, I was often in the library to do research and to study for exams. As a result, I had little time to visit every part of Tilburg as a tourist. The commute between the campus and my digs, sometimes late at night, was a challenge I learned to cope with. But searching the shelves in the library, finding sources, and using the internet facilities made it a joy to study at the university.

What is your take-home message from Tilburg University?

I am where I am thanks to the quality of the education I received at Tilburg University. My ability to be a team player at work is the legacy that Tilburg University has left me. That is what I learned from the group work we did during my studies. I have learned how to appreciate the input of others in a group and at the same time to convince them if I believe that my point of view is correct. I also remember Professor Erik Vermeulen’s advice: always try to think 'out of the box' in the learning material before you. My education at Tilburg University has given me professional confidence. Tilburg University is different from where I am now: there is a big difference in professional refinement, state-of-the-art research, and facilities.

My education at Tilburg University has given me professional confidence

What are you doing now?

The quality education I received at Tilburg University has enabled me to join the legal profession in Liberia. At the moment, I am General Counsel at the Liberian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In addition, I teach Law at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia. During the day, I work in my office at the Ministry to provide all kinds of law-related services to the Ministry. At night, I teach at the Law School. At the moment, I am living in my own house with my two sons, as a single father: their mother, my wife, has travelled to the United States.




The University Fund supports this initiative, as a result of which, among other achievements, as many as nine Liberian talents have earned a Master’s degree in Tilburg

Emmanuel Reeves

What trail did Emmanuel blaze in Tilburg?

Emmanuel Reeves was the first scholarship student from Liberia who was able to obtain his Master’s degree via the Professors for Development project. As part of this project, Tilburg University professors emeritus do volunteer work to help universities in Africa by transferring knowledge to teachers, also on curriculum and organizational development, providing scholarships and master classes, and supporting scientific research and PhD students. The University Fund supports this initiative, as a result of which, among other achievements, as many as nine Liberian talents have earned a Master’s degree in Tilburg.

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Date of publication: 27 August 2019