IQONIC ondernemers

A glimpse of life in the vibrant IQONIC Incubator

Campus Shot 2 min.

The IQONIC Incubator is more than just a place where people work hard. It is also and especially a place where every day many motivated students meet, inspire, and encourage each other. We took a glimpse and spoke with two IQONIC Incubator entrepreneurs.

Even though we are all here for our own start-up, it feels as if we are all partners in the same venture

Thierry Maasdam - Studied Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation last year and now works full time in the incubator

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Thierry talks enthusiastically about his experiences with his start-up Middelbare.School in the IQONIC Incubator. He is truly pleased with the open atmosphere. “This way you can have a chat with everyone here, and it is excellent for developing your network. It is also immensely inspiring to see how everyone around you is so driven to become successful. In that sense, we all have the same goal in mind and that is what makes it so nice to be here.”

Thierry is currently working on an intranet for secondary education that functions as a hub offering nifty automations to students, parents, and employees/teachers. And in the inspiring atmosphere of the Incubator, he quickly succeeded in extending it to facilitate other software for the educational landscape, such as online 360-degree tours and events, and a registration system for information sessions for further education in the Tilburg region.

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It’s the people that make it happen

Quin Tijssen - Second year Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation student works 10-15 hours a week in the incubator

Quin Tijssen has recently joined the IQONIC Incubator with his company The Entrepreneur House. This start-up is committed to helping young entrepreneurs, and the idea behind it is that living together with like-minded entrepreneurs gives young entrepreneurs the motivation they need to develop as individuals and as entrepreneurs. Which is also why working at the IQONIC Incubator suits Quin to a T. “There are many different types of people here, and that makes it a really interesting place for young entrepreneurs to work on their start-ups.”