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Lecture on energy saving, recommended by Professor Brounen

How behavioral science can lower your energy bill

Long Live Learning 10 min. Annemeike Tan

Even after your studies, you will never stop learning. Our lecturers are happy to give you tips on how to deepen your knowledge. Professor Dirk Brounen recommends Alex Laskey's TED Talk, in which he shows how human behavior can make us all better, wiser energy users.

  • Prof. dr. Dirk Brounen

    Dirk Brounen, Professor of Real Estate Economics

    Tilburg School of Economics and Management and TIAS

    "I wholeheartedly recommend this TED Talk. In eight minutes, Alex Lasky shows how we can already save a great deal of energy in our homes without getting into refurbishments. With the aid of simple information incentives from behavioral science, he get us to become more economical in our use of energy. An important finding in the energy transition we are in, which calls for new technologies combined with better behavior. "

TED Talk Laskey



Date of publication: 29 August 2019