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How to use IT to prevent the spread of corona

Knowledge Snacks Annemeike Tan

At the moment, countries are taking different approaches to using IT to control the spread of COVID -19. Different contact tracing, quarantine tracking, and entry permission systems are developed and used. However, there is no general framework that explains and compares the ways different countries use information technology (IT). Amin Amiri, assistant professor of information systems at Tilburg University, is developing such a framework. This framework can quickly show the holes in the control strategy of a country.

In this series of videos, Amiri shares the preliminary outcomes of his research on COVID-19 spread control systems used in different countries.

Part 0: Introduction to COVID-19 Spread Control Systems

Part 1: Examples of COVID-19 Spread Control Systems in pioneering countries

Part 2: Goals of COVID-19 Spread Control Systems

Part 3: Types of COVID-19 Spread Control Systems

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Date of publication: 19 June 2020