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The impact of COVID-19 measures for Central and Eastern European migrant workers

Knowledge Snacks Annemeike Tan

Also hunger for knowledge? Fancy a snack? Watch this knowledge clip about the research of Tilburg University researchers Brigitte Kroon and Panna Kerti, in which they talk about their research on the impact of COVID-19 measures on the work and wellbeing of Central and Eastern European migrant workers.

The fragmentation of labor relations complicates compliance with COVID-19 measures in food production chains. Substantial Covid-19 infections have been found among migrant workers here. The research from an HRM perspective provides insight into the mechanisms that explain and maintain the unsafe working and living conditions of Central and Eastern European migrant workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Brigitte Kroon en Panna Kerti (Human Resource Studies) is affiliated with Tilburg School of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences.

This knowledge clip is part of  #newcommon - a series on research on the corona crisis

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The corona crisis has compounded major societal challenges. Tilburg University shares knowledge and insights to reshape our society. We are happy to discuss this New Common.

Date of publication: 26 January 2021