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The enervating career of Monica den Boer

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Our alumni have interesting careers. Where have her Tilburg studies taken alumna Dr Monica den Boer? Monica is currently a member of the Dutch Parliament for D66. She is a member of the committees for Security (police, fire brigade & crisis management) and the Interior (provinces/cities, democracy, and elections). Her memorandum on modern funeral law was processed in parliament. She left parliament in May 2020.

Monica den Boer worked at the Dutch Police Academy for many years. For a reason, Security (police, fire brigade and crisis management) is an important part of her portfolio in the Lower House.  Among other things, she said: "The police deserve a professionalization boost. A diverse, competent police force that Dutch people can place blind trust in. The crime detection rate and the willingness to report need to increase. And cross-border crime requires a Europe that takes coordinated action." Furthermore: "The Netherlands is a progressive guiding country and that is what it should continue to be. We can only achieve that if everyone, big or small, young or old, newcomer or long-time resident, feels safe and free to be him/herself. Our police officers on the streets protect our freedoms and offer that security." (D66.nl)

Off to a female PM

Monica considers it completely natural that women are equally represented, not only in politics, but also in public administration. "Why is it that so few women or people with a multi-cultural background work here? This is the case at all levels: only one third of municipal councils are made up of women. We have only one female King’s Commissioner. One hurrah moment was: two female mayors in the four major cities." (ikviermijnstem.nl)

Curriculum vitae


1981-1986 Tilburg
Master’s in Language and Literature, Tilburg University
1986-1990 Florence
PhD in European Law (European University Institute, Florence)

Top jobs

1994-1995 The Hague
Researcher, Parliamentary Inquiry into Proactive Policing Methods (Van Traa Commission)
2002-2003 Brussels
Managing Director of Institute for European Law Enforcement Cooperation (EULEC)
2003-2016 Apeldoorn
Director of Research and Knowledge Development, Police Academy of the Netherlands
2004 -2012 Amsterdam
Endowed Professor of Comparative Public Administration (VU University Amsterdam)
2009-2010 The Hague
Member of Davids Commission (Commission investigating the decision-making on political support for the war in Iraq in 2003)
2017-2020The Hague
Member of the Dutch House of Representatives for social liberal party D66, with an agenda focusing on women, peace, and security

Inspired by
the book by

Simone de Beauvoir: Le Deuxième Sexe (The Second Sex)

Best advice
ever received

Provided by the academic counselor of Humanities: “A PhD project in Florence? Just give it a try!”

My advice
to you

“Listen above all to your own inner voice.”

Private details

  • Born in 1963 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Married to Dr Hans Leijtens (Tilburg, 1963), Commander of the Royal Military and Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) as of September 1, 2019
  • Place of residence: Maasdam
  • Children: two sons (Leander, 21, student, Florian, 16, HAVO)
  • Income: € 120,000 (incl. holiday pay and year-end bonus, excl. expenses)
  • Contact: m.dboer@tweedekamer.nl

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Date of publication: 28 August 2019