Danielle van de Graaf

Learning to live with pain after cancer

Knowledge Snacks 1 min. Femke Trommels

Are you hungry for knowledge? Fancy a snack? Then watch this knowledge clip in which PhD candidate Daniëlle van de Graaf talks about the online help tool she developed to help people to continue doing what they love despite pain symptoms after cancer.

After chemotherapy, about 70% of the patients suffer from pain, numbness and tingling in their hands, fingers, feet and toes. For 30%, this form of neuropathy is even chronic. Deal with it' is often the message. Daniëlle van de Graaf is researching the influence of painful neuropathy on the perceived quality of life of patients. Together with a group of patients she developed an online help tool, with the goal that people experience fewer limitations despite their symptoms.

Daniëlle van de Graaf about neuropathic symptoms after cancer

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Daniëlle's research is part of a research group at Tilburg University in which enthusiastic researchers work together to gain more insight into the psychosocial consequences of cancer. Would you like to know more about Tilburg University's research into life with or after cancer?

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Date of publication: 3 February 2022