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Mariella Kaveo’s dream career

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Many of our alumni go on to have fascinating and exciting careers. What benefits has alumna Mariella Klaassen van Oorschot derived from her studies at Tilburg University? In 2009, the film producer and actress gained her BSc and MSc in Leisure Studies, with a minor in Business Communications. She produced the film ‘Redbad’, and last year starred on the silver screen in the film F*ck de Liefde.

After graduating from Tilburg University, Mariella began her career in the marketing department of a bank. But she soon realized that this was not the place for her, and opted instead to pursue her passion. “I decided to make a radical change and relocated to Los Angeles for a few months to train as an actor. When I returned to the Netherlands, I landed my first few acting jobs, but I also started working behind the scenes.” She has been working in front of the camera as Mariella Kaveo for over five years now, and is making a name for herself with her production company MKvO Media.

She quickly discovered that her Master’s degree in combination with her acting training was opening a lot of doors for her. While her work as an actor started at the bottom of the ladder, in commercials and supporting roles in Dutch television series, she is rapidly advancing her career in the production world. This was due in part to the knowledge and skills she had developed at university, and which proved very useful in this line of work. Mariella started work at the film production company Farmhouse, where she filmed ‘Redbad’ in 2017. “A mega production and an absolute milestone in my career.”

A dream come true

Her work in production has helped her expand her network in the Dutch film industry, which has paid off – after ‘Redbad’, Mariella was offered more acting parts, which last year led to her first role in a feature film. “Acting has always been my number one passion,” she says. ”For me, a role in a feature film was a less realistic aim than producing a film.”

Alumna Mariella Kaveo

Knowledge and skills proved useful in this line of work

An uncertain profession

But Mariella is not done yet. She is currently producing a short film, although the coronavirus crisis has thrown a wrench in the works. “The whole film and TV world has ground to a halt. It’s a profession that comes with a lot of uncertainty anyway. You’re not just an actor, but also an entrepreneur. In addition to your actual job as a performer, you have to promote yourself, work on your image, and know about financial and legal aspects. The knowledge I gained from my time at university is definitely useful for these ‘secondary’ aspects. Meanwhile, the social courses on my program not only helped shape me as a person, but I also use them in my work. After all, there’s more to acting than simply saying what’s written in the script. There’s the whole motivation behind each character. Understanding how people behave is very helpful in fleshing that out.”

Inspired by
the book by

Ryan HolidayThe obstacle is the way , gives me positive insights when times are difficult.

Best advice
ever received

In LA, from actor Jamie Foxx: “Don't wait for opportunity, but create it.”

My advice
to you

If you can dream it, you can do it. A quote from Walt Disney, about believing in yourself!

Curriculum vitae

Educational qualifications

2005 - 2009 - Tilburg

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Leisure Studies, with a minor in business communications

2013 - 2014  - Los Angeles

New York Film Academy

Movies & TV

2019  Feature Film, F*CK DE LIEFDE, AM Pictures, Appie Boudellah & Lodewijk van Lelyveld

2019  TV, DAS ABENTEUER LEBEN, Kabel Eins (Duitsland)


2017  TV, DE SPA, Talpa Productions, John Baak

2017  TV, KATWALK, Endemol Shine, Rick van Boxtel

2015  TV, BLUF, RTL Nederland, Hans Somers

2011  TV, De Bachelor, RTL 4, Jan-Michel den Boogaard


2020  Eneco

2018  Film1, Sony PlayStation, BaByliss

2017  Licor 43 Orochata

2016  Hi wordt KPN,  Hyundai


2018 - 2020  Documentary: Wine Masters: season 2- 4 | Farmhouse Film & TV - Line Producer

2017  Feature Film REDBAD | Farmhouse Film & TV - Film Production, Press Events & Premieres

2017  Feature Film: SHAKE IT OFF | AM Pictures - Line Producer/Production Manager

2016  Documentary: Nicky Romero - The Next Step | Protocol Recordings - Producer, Writer & Editor

2015  Documentary: Amsterdam Dance Event | ADE 360 - Producer & Writer


Mariella Kaveo was born in Madrid on 2 December 1986 as Mariella Klaassen van Oorschot, grew up in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and now lives in Amsterdam. She is in a relationship and has a chihuahua named Jewl. Her favorite hobby is travel and she loves coffee.

After a career as a social media specialist and marketing consultant at a Dutch bank, she is now working as an actor and producer. Mariella’s goal is to land a permanent role in a Spanish or American Netflix series and to write and produce a feature film.

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