Sportverenigingen tijdens corona

The meaning of virtual communities in organized sports

Knowledge Snacks Annemeike Tan

Also hunger for knowledge? Fancy a snack? Watch this knowledge clip about the research of Tilburg University researcher Nanny Kuijsters talks about the meaning of virtual communities in organized sport.

During the corona crisis, sports fields and sports canteens were temporarily closed. Sports clubs switched to their online channels for training, meetings and social events. They formed online sports clubs or virtual communities. This research focuses on those virtual communities of sports clubs during corona, what they mean for the member club feeling and what lessons can be learned  from this community life after corona.

Nanny Kuijsters is PhD candidate atTilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences en teacher at Fontys Economische Hogeschool Tilburg.

This knowledge clip is part of #newcommon - a series about research on the corona crisis