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Science Quest

In our podcast Science Quest, our experts discuss the latest and hottest insights from their research. In this episode, we tackle one of the darkest sides of humanity: migration, human trafficking and slavery.

Migration and slavery are of all times. And they will only increase, professors of International Relations Mirjam van Reisen and criminal law expert Conny Rijken warned several years ago based on their research in North Africa. In this region alone, 200,000 people, mostly Eritreans, have become victims of human trafficking in recent years, enslaved and abused, tortured or raped in the process.

What are the origins of contemporary human trafficking? What are countries doing to combat it? Can they, and we, do more? A conversation with Van Reisen and Rijken. In our walk, transcultural psychiatrist Mario Braakman talks about the resilience of traumatized migrants and enslaved people.

This podcast is only available in Dutch.

Our scientists

  • Mirjam van Reisen

    prof. dr. Mirjam van Reisen

    Professor in International Relations, Innovation and Care

    Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

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  • Conny Rijken

    prof. dr. Conny Rijken

    Professor in Human Trafficking and Globalization

    Tilburg Law School

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  • Mario Braakman

    prof. dr. Mario Braakman

    Professor in Transcultural Forensic Psychiatry

    Tilburg Law School

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Date of publication: 22 March 2023