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Science Quest: the Tilburg University podcast
Scientists at Tilburg University seek answers to questions about man and society that concern us all. From war to peace. From climate to your wallet, from care to organisation and from big data to dating. In our podcast Science Quest, our own experts discuss the newest, funniest and most talked-about insights from their own research.

Is the new virtual reality a curse or a blessing? With deepfakes, the possibilities are endless, but our creativity with it has not yet reached beyond porn and political influence. Will anything come of it and are there any advantages? Can we learn to deal with it or should the legislator intervene strictly? Walking through a drizzle, we also discuss the emotional impact of all those fake images.

This podcast is only available in Dutch.

Our scientists

  • Bart van der Sloot

    dr. Bart van der Sloot

    Jurist, expert privacy and big data

    Tilburg Law School

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  • Eric Postma - Vierkant

    Eric Postma

    Professor Artificial Intelligence

    Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

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  • Yasemin Erbas

    Yasemin Erbas

    Assistant Professor Psychology

    Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Date of publication: 13 July 2022