Studium Generale - A New Lost Generation

Opportunities for young people on the labor market in Corona times

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What is the effect of the Corona crisis on the labor market? Are young people having a particularly hard time or does the crisis also offer opportunities? Sonja Bekker, Ton Wilthagen and alumna Nina Meeuwes share their views in this webinar.

New Common

With 'New Common', Tilburg University scientists contribute with research and insights to a post-corona society that is better than the one before the pandemic.  A 'new together', in which everyone can contribute with their own talents and expertise to the development and formation of society. The corona crisis has exposed and magnified many challenges in our society. But it has also accelerated solutions and created opportunities in places you would not have thought possible before. Also for young people on the labor market.

If you can make it in the COVID-19 crisis, you can make it anytime

Ton Wilthagen

Lost generation?

Is there a lost generation? No, argue both Ton Wilthagen and Sonja Bekker during the New Common webinar 'A new lost generation? Youth employment in corona times'.

In the Netherlands, we have gone way beyond the idea of a flexible labor market. Sonja Bekker even calls the labor market for young people turbulent. "If you look at the labor market for young people, you see very clearly the shortcomings of the current labor markets and where we as a society need to step up to create better labor markets." The Dutch labor market is extremely flexible compared to other labor markets in Europe. Young people in that labor market are extra vulnerable because they often have to switch from temporary job to temporary job and in every switch, they run the risk of becoming unemployed. "And in a crisis, it's easy to become unemployed because employers stop your temporary contract."

In the Netherlands we are doing okay if you look at employment rates only

Sonja Bekker

But compared to other countries, unemployment in the Netherlands is not nearly as bad, even among young people. There are also opportunities for starters. Even during the corona crisis. Curious about those opportunities? 

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  • Sonja Bekker

    Sonja Bekker

    Associate professor, Tilburg Law School & Utrecht University School of law

    Associate professor and Jean Monnet chair on European Social Policy and Employment Relations Sonja Bekker tells more about youth (un)employment in these Corona times. She is highly interested in employment and social policies, especially the labor market position of 'atypical' groups.

  • Ton Wilthagen - TLS

    Ton Wilthagen

    Professor of Institutional and legal aspects of the labor market

    Labor Market professor Ton Wilthagen has been working on many innovations, including the development of work-experience schemes for young people that enable them to make a transition to the labor market, even in times of crisis.

  • Nina Meeuwes

    Nina Meeuwes

    Marketing and communication specialist

    Tilburg University graduate Nina Meeuwes started her first job in March 2020. She is working as a Marketing and Communication specialist in the event industry at Rotterdam Ahoy. She shares her experiences as a starter on the job market in these unprecedented times.

The 'New Common'

The corona crisis has compounded major societal challenges. Tilburg University shares knowledge and insights to reshape our society. We are happy to discuss this New Common.